The Curling Cronicle

Wynnter McGee

What is Curling?

One of the sports that is included in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics is Curling. No, I'm not talking about hair. I'm talking about the sport. Curling is when you push a large, flat, and round stone across a sheet of ice toward a target. The players use a broom to sweep the surface of the ice to control the direction and speed of the stone. Curling is a professional sport in Scotland and Canada. Find out more information here.
Steve & The USA Curling Team

You're gonna here me ROOOAAARRRR!

Curling is called the "Roaring Game" because Curling comes from the old verb curr which means grumble. Curling received its name from the sound it makes on the ice. Curling was invented in the 1500's in Scotland. The maximum weight of a Curling stone is about 44 pounds. Read the article below for more on Curling.

Universal Music Backstage

Roar by Universal Music Backstage

Erika Brown

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Erika Brown is a Curler on team USA. She has participated in sixteen different US national championships. The first time her team went to the 1995 Brandon World Championships her team placed 5th. The second and third time she went Erika's team won silver both times behind team Canada. Erika's husband is Ian Tetley, a three-time World Champion Olympic Skier. Erika's brother is also an Olympic curler. The article below is written about her in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. World Curling Tour article.
Far From Home Olympic Curling: Team Brown / Team USA