Welcome to the Thrive Family!

I am so excited to have you start on your Thrive Experience

You placed your order so what comes next?

You have 5-7 days days before your order will arrive at your doorstep. So, today get a jump start on getting your body ready for the BEST Thrive Experience ever!

*Increase your intake of water/goal is min 64 oz and ideal is 1/2 your body weight

*Start elimanating all caffeine from your daily intake.

*Decrease all fatty food intake and start shopping healthier!

*Take your before pics...You will want it for any transformation!

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www.facebook.com/levelbrands and read some very amazing and life changing Thrive experiences that are so inspiring and get you even more excited about your Thrive journey!! Once your Thrive Experience arrives you will be on your way to setting goals and living a healthier and happier life!!

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Your family deserves the best YOU!!

I started my Thrive Experience not only for me but for my family so they had the best part of me! Doesn't your family deserve the best part of you too??!
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Three easy steps is life changing on your 8 week Thrive Experience!!

Day 1

1. As soon as you wake up>> take 1 capsules with water

2. 20-40 mins later take your Premium Lifestyle mix it in 8-10 oz of water or milk>> pour, shake and drink!

3. Apply your DFT foam to a clean dry area with high blood flow like shoulder, back, forearm, upper hip area>> Remember to place in a new area each day, can leave on up to 24 hours and can shower with it.

Day 2>> Repeat day 1

Day 3

1,As soon as you wake up take 2 capsules with water.

2. 20-40 mins mix up your lifestyle shake.

3. Apply your DFT

Day 4 >> same as day 3.

Day 5-7

!. As soon as you wake up take 2 capsules with water

2. Apply DFT foam.

*** No lifestyle mix for Friday thru Sunday. Goal is to eat healthy and focus on water intake.

*** lifestyle mix is formulated to take 4 full servings a week so in a month supply you will receive 16 servings. Some may decide that they want a lifestyle mix each day and order the Tone pack that gives you 32 servings.

Day 8-30

Continue with routine!!

****Remember to drink at least 64 oz of water. Ideal is 1/2 your body weight. 140 lbs=70oz.

****Decrease and elimunate all other caffeine in diet, This will give you the crash feeling if you don't.

****Eat 3-5 healthy balanced meals per day!

****Move 20+ mins per day to get your heart pumping and start reaching your fitness goals!!

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Thank you for joining this life changing journey with me and if you have any questions at all about your Thrive Experience please contact me!! I am so excited for you to start!! My number is down below and you can also find me on Facebook!