Room 604 News

May 2 - 6


State Testing will begin May 9 and conclude May 24 (for fifth grade). This includes language arts, math, and science.

I'm looking forward to state speech presentations this week.

Language Arts

We are currently reading a nonfiction novel titled, "The Tarantula in My Purse" as a class. Before and after reading each section, students are doing free write journal responses, and answering text dependent questions.

Students will continue to do free choice novel reading to accumulate AR points on their own time through June 10.


This week, we will do a quick review on metric and customary units of measurement conversions and volume. We will take the district assessments on Wednesday and Thursday.

We will touch on our last content area, which is graphing, before testing.


Two more weeks for the science fair projects to be completed and brought into class on May 16.

This week, we will review electricity and magnetism. These standards were both taught in previous grades and are on the state test, so I want the kids to have some exposure to refresh their memories.

Social Science

There is one more lesson in Chapter 11. Students will read about laws that have come into effect since the Constitution. Some of these include: Women's rights, American Disabilities Act, and Equal Rights Laws.

We will take the chapter test on Thursday afternoon.