Sponsor a Program in Ghana!

A Matter of Xpression is a Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA based Communications and Education organization founded and run by a local high school teacher and Executive Board Member of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. In 2013, A Matter of Xpression's Founder fell in love with the Ghanaian children at the public schools - http://breeseinghana.blogspot.com/ - and from there collaborating with a family-focused production and communications company LEAP Transmedia LTD - Learning, Education and the Arts for all People. The plan is to join forces to create the first ever Ghanaian production of the world famous children’s television series Sesame Street© to Ghana in 2016, respectively.
In the meantime, A Matter of Xpression and LEAP Transmedia have forged a collaboration in order to develop supportive, regional education programs that will garner a tangible local presence with future audiences while playing a pivotal role in assisting Ghana in reaching national and global Millennium Development Goals in Education and gender equality. As such, local educational programs will focus on supporting girls’ access to education and ensuring they are prepared and empowered as they transition into womanhood and into the world. Without such critical programming in their communities, many of these young girls face a future lacking the opportunities necessary to save them from a life of illiteracy, early motherhood, abuses, and severe poverty. Going to Ghana to carry out this collaborative planning phase of the program is crucial to its future success. So please consider making a donation over at our Microgiving fundraising page!