Welcome to Bostwana

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Botswana is a land locked country. Botswana is 600,370 square kilometers and its boundrys are shared by Nambia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, & South Africa. Its climate is 26 degrees celcius and has short rain fall period and the sun shines all year round. The whole country is very windy and dusty during the dry season. There resources are salt, soda ash, potash, coal, iron ore, manganese and silver. Botswana has the largest known coal reserves in Africa. The Kalahari Desert is 900,000 square kilometres or 350,000 sq miles. Some other places are the Okavango, Makgadikgadi, & Central Kalahari.


1959 - Copper mines are established

1966- Independance from Great Britan

1967 - Diamonds discovered at Orapa.

1980 - President Seretse Khama dies

2000-floods -More than 60,000 people are made homeless.


There are 3 main ethnic groups in Botswana Tswana, Kalanga, and Basarwa or also known as the Bushmen. Botswana celebrates Easter, Good Friday, Christmas, and most US holidays. The official launguages of Botswana are the English Language and the Tswana Language. Most people in Botswana are Christians. Anglicans, and Methodists.
Botswana National Anthem


The president of Botswana is Seretse Khama Ian Khama. Botswana's democracy starts with the Setswana traditions, or village council. Elections are held every 5 years, and voters are allowed to vote freely. There are four main parties, and those partys are broken into smaller groups.


There main exports are diamonds, copper, nickel, soda ash, meat, and textiles. They also have to import food, machinery, electrical goods, transportation equipment, textiles,

fuel and petroleum products, wood and paper products, and metal products. Most people living in Botswana work in potash, livestock processing, and textiles.

5 Places to visit

Chobe National Park

The Okavango River

Tsodilo Hills

Nxai Pan National Park

Tuli block