Places Along the Nile River

By: Allyssa Goss

The Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam is a hydroelectric dam built in the 1970's It is located in Aswan, Egypt and creates a boarder between Egypt and Sudan. It was made to control floods, provide water irrigation and to generate hydroelectricity. It is a reservoir, one of the biggest in the world. The Aswan High Dam uses turbines and doesn't pollute the water, but it causes the amounts of nutrients in the Nile to decrease so it's killing fish.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the source of one of two rivers in the Nile, the White Nile. It is located in Uganda, in East Africa. For years, the source of the White Nile was a mystery, until in the 1850's English explorer John Hanning Speke reached Lake Victoria. He was convinced that the lake was the source of the White Nile

The "Great Bend" of the Nile

In northern Khartoum, Sudan, the Nile goes 800 more miles until it reaches the "great bend". On it's way, it passes 6 cataracts. Cataracts are also known as waterfalls. These cataracts are famous in the Nile because many people use them. They are a barrier of travel and trade.

The Nile Delta

In northern Cairo, Egypt, the Nile river travels 100 more miles until it spreads out in to a delta. There, the delta empties in to the Mediterranean Sea. It measures about 155 miles wide. This supplies most of Egypt's food. The delta formed thousands of years ago. It broke out in to seven branches. This built a thick layer of soil over time. The Nile Delta is the richest farmland in Africa.