Orchard Hills Updates

December 2016

Prevo's Points

Orchard Families,

The end of first semester is quickly approaching. Hard to believe it is December already. The month of December will bring a lot of excitement for kids. Our hope is that we can find ways to enjoy this time of year while still focusing on learning for all of our kids.

Over the past couple of months, and moving forward for a couple of more months, our faculty has been considering the question, "Why does Willard Orchard Hills exist?" We have and will continue to have dialogue about this essential question as we seek to have a very clear sense of our purpose as a school. We hope that this clear sense of purpose will help to guide our efforts and decisions in the years to come. No doubt there will be some amazing dialogue and thoughts from our teachers and staff. As we come to consensus around key ideas I will be sharing those with you. Please stay tuned!!

We will have class parties and our December Tiger Pride Assembly on Wednesday 21st. Parties will be from 9:00--10:00 with the Tiger Pride Assembly immediately following from approximately 10:05--10:35. Students will be dismissed for the day at 12:30.

Looking forward to a great month,

Dr. Prevo

Grade Level Updates

Kindergarten News

We hope you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving break at home! Your kids have been chatting away about all of your travels and adventures! Kindergartners have a lot of learning to do in December. In reading, we will be taking more steps as emerging readers. Practicing sight words at home with your child will help them read more fluently! In writing, we are really focusing on stretching out words to write them down. Spelling does not have to be perfect, just encourage them to write the sounds they know! In math, we're diving deep into addition and subtraction. The kids seem to be enjoying learning about it! In social studies, we'll be covering "needs vs. wants," and in science we'll be learning about measurement. Thanks for all of your support!

Veteran's Day Assembly

To those men and women who served our country we are eternally grateful. We are also very thankful for those who were able to participate in our annual Veteran's Day Assembly on November 11th. Not only was it a great to honor our veterans for their service it was also an amazing learning opportunity for our students. We were proud of our students for the respect they demonstrated through their attention and behavior.

1st Grade Happenings

We have been keeping very busy in first grade! We are becoming experts on distinguishing between fiction and non-fiction books in reading and at comparing and contrasting books on a like topic. In writing, we have been practicing putting our knowledge to work by writing non-fiction books. In math, we are learning how to add multiple addends together to find a sum, as well as to determine unknown addends. We are looking forward to learning about maps in social studies over the next few weeks.

It’s hard to believe that this school year will be half way over before we turn around and that Christmas break will soon be upon us! It’s exciting to see the growth in our first graders at this time in the year—they are such little sponges and to see them grow and mature is amazing! In order to maintain the academic growth that your child has made so far this year, we encourage you to keep your child academically challenged while he or she is on Christmas break. There are so many things that you can do with your child in order to keep their minds busy—go to the library, read books together, cook together, have your child keep a journal about things that you do over break, write thank you notes for gifts that they receive, read signs together while you drive, have your child write down things that you need to buy at the grocery store, have your child read some books on RAZ-Kids or Starfall.com, etc. Have fun and be creative together, but keep that academic growth coming! You make a world of difference in the life of your child! We appreciate all that you do to support us in first grade!

2nd Grade News

2nd Grade has been learning and growing. We are using what we know to expand our minds and increase our depth of knowledge. Specifically, here's what we are studying in each subject area.

MATH- math strategies, new and old, to compute addition within 20 and deep thinking, 2-step problem-solving. Next up, subtraction!!

READING-we are applying strategies we know to help us decode words and word meaning

WRITING-non-ficiton, informational books We are writing chapter books to teach our friends and family about something. These will include a Table of Contents and cover page. We are excited!!

SCIENCE- scientific process and steps of the scientific method to perform experiments. The catapult experiment we did in class was especially intriguing for their minds.

SOCIAL STUDIES- studying & comparing Native American tribes

How can you help at home? READ, READ, READ! Practicing reading at home will enhance your student's success in EVERY subject!! Thanks for supporting your second grader and for giving us the opportunity to pour into them throughout the day.

3rd Grade

Reading - Third grade students are working on series book clubs. We have spent time learning about books in a series while we study the characters that appear in each of the books.

Writing - Students have started a unit on Informational Writing. They will be working on this type of writing for the rest of the quarter. The students will get to show all that they know about some great nonfiction topics.

Math - Third graders have been working hard at learning our multiplication and division facts. We are beginning to apply these concepts to find the area of shapes using square units.

Social Studies - We have been learning about the three branches of government. In the next few weeks we will begin to talk about our state and local governments.

Technology - Students have been enjoying publishing some of their writing using our classroom Chromebooks, as well as, using Chromebooks to practice their math facts during our Math Daily 3.

4th Grade Update

4th Grade had a great time at our Children’s Literature Festival. We enjoyed hearing the authors speak and learning about how they get their ideas and create their books. Our hope is that our 4th grade students will be inspired to try some new ideas in their own writing.

In Reading we will continue to focus on non-fiction texts. We will continue finding the main idea, supporting details and writing a summary. We will also be looking at text features. In Math Topic 6 and Topic 7 are shorter units of study. In Topic 6 we will be interpreting comparisons for addition, multiplication and division problems. We will be finding the hidden question and work on solving those multi-step word problems. Topic 7 is finding factors and multiples. We expect to have both Topics completed before we head to Christmas break.

A big part of Writing and Social Studies for December will be spent on our Famous Missourian Projects. We wanted to remind you of our “Save the Date” on December 20th. Students will be showcasing their Famous Missourian that afternoon from 2:40 – 3:20. We hope you can come by and see the final product of your student’s hard work.

Our 4th grade musical will be on December 8th at 7:00 PM. We hope to see you there!

November Attendance Data

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Calendar of Events

December 8-- 4th Grade Musical

December 13-- WOHE PTO Meeting

December 21-- Classroom Parties 9:00--10:00 a.m.

December 21-- December Tiger Pride Assembly 10:05--10:35 a.m.

December 21-- Half Day for Students. Dismissal at 12:30 p.m.

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