How to Host a Class

Getting Ready for your First Class

Wow! Everyone needs to know about EO!

You are just so amazed with how well these oils are working for you that you want to share them with all of your friends and family. The best way to share, is to host a class. Before you teach a class, you are going to want to host a few so that you can really learn the flow of how to teach and also give yourself time to become an Oil Expert yourself (more on becoming an oil expert below). Talk to the person who enrolled you, or with the person who enrolled them, if they are also still new (dōTERRA grows so fast), and ask them to teach a class for you. Feel free to also ask me, I'd love to teach a class for you.

The First Step

Work on Becoming an Oil Expert

The more you use your oils, the more benefit you gain toward your own wellness, the more you can help others to find their wellness. The best way to become an expert, is to simply, use your oils. Use your resources like the Modern Essentials book or The Essential Life book, and the websites: and the product guides on to look up oil protocols for particular areas of concerns. Also, take your Lifelong Vitality (LLV) supplements. We all have holes in our diets, because of the changes overtime to the American diet, that leave us lacking the basic minimum we need of vital vitamins and minerals. This lack has left us tired and dragging each day. Taking LLV has changed my life! I now have so much energy each day, I sleep better at night, and wake up better each morning as well. They are amazing!

Watch this video below to learn some great ways to incorporate your EO into your everyday life:

Become an Everyday Oil Expert

Steps to Hosting a Successful Class


Choose your class day and time with your Presenter, or maybe even schedule two class dates/times for the same week (and have the Presenter come to both) and give your invites a choice as to which one they want to come to.


Give samples to each invite, before the class. This is important, so that each person has had an oil experience before they even come. Take the time to learn which oil would be best for that individual, so that they get the most benefit.


After they have had their sample for a few days, follow up with them about their experience. At that time, invite them to learn more about EO at one of your next classes.


A few days before your class, remind them by phone/FB/email, that you are so excited about the class and tell them how great the Presenter is that is coming to edify the value of the Presenter's information. That way, the person you've invited knows that they will learn something valuable. Don't ask for a commitment now, if they have already committed to coming, just tell them you're excited that they are coming.

Consider a text the Morning of the Class

"So excited to see you today at (time of class), and I wanted to let you know that there will be an "On Time" door prize raffle, so don't be late."

This last minute reminder, gives them repeated excitement to come.

Video Tips on How to Host a Class on mydō

If you don't already have an account on, create one, it's easy and free! This website offers TONS of free education on dōTERRA. There are also great training videos. Once you have an account, log on. Then go to "Training" on the top left of the page. Then select "Success Challenge". Under Success Challenge, select "Share," then select "Invite". Once you get to the "Invite" section, you will see a series of videos. I suggest you watch these four short videos when you are preparing to host a class:

Delivering Samples

How to Invite

Qualifying Invites

Phone Reminder

During Your Class

It's class time! At your class, you will want to provide some refreshments. Consider using your oils in your treats. I like to serve fruit with a yogurt dip made with plain yogurt, honey to taste, and a few drops of lime essential oil. I also serve ice water with lemon EO (in glass always). Sometimes I will make cupcakes using EO in the frosting. Some favorites are, chocolate cupcakes with either peppermint or wild orange EO in a cream cheese frosting, or vanilla with lemon EO in sugar frosting.

Once everyone has some refreshments, invite them to sit, and then take a minute to welcome everyone and then share your "Why," why you love EO, and why you want to share it. Then introduce your presenter. You will want to edify the presenter by saying how knowledgable he/she is in EO and dōTERRA, and how he/she loves to help others.

That's it! You've completed you tasks as the Host. Sit back and enjoy the class! Your Presenter will help you with enrolling your friends/family when they are ready to have their own powerful and potent essential oils in their home!

Another important thing to consider: try to NOT focus on money. This is a common fear among hosts. You love your friends and you do not want them to feel like you are taking advantage of them. They know that! Your friends know that you invited them to learn about these oils, because you believe in them, and they believe in you. Let them be in charge of their own finances and oil choices. I had a host once talk her friend out of a kit she thought was "too expensive" for her friend. I know that she was trying to protect her friend, but what she did was place a judgement on her friend's finances. If you were at a grocery store, and the clerk started putting items aside and telling you that they were "too expensive" for you, you'd be super offended! So, take money off your mind and just share from the heart, and honestly answer their health concerns with the right oils (regardless of cost) and then just stop talking. They will decide what is most important for them and what they can afford. I know someone who sold her TV so that she could buy her first kit, because she saw the value of this healthcare option, and KNEW her family NEEDED them. That same person is now a Presidential Diamond in dōTERRA!

Also, we are offering a new way to acheive Health and Wellness. We are not offering Cures or Prescribing any Treatments. Please be cautious about your language and speak of how EO helps repair and boost body systems. Here is an example, "Oregano, helps the cell to fight off bacteria and viruses. This supports the Immune System, to repair the body. The body heals itself."

Share Program

Opt into the Share Program!

If you have been in dōTERRA for 120 days (about 4 months) or less, you can still participate in the Share Program! This program allows new members to get EXTRA REWARDS for sharing with others. Before your class, opt into the program, so that when people enroll under you, you can earn points to go toward gift packages from dōTERRA. To read more about it, and to opt in, go you, log into your back office, then go to the top of the Dashboard Tab. There you will see a link that says, "Opt into the Share Program". Click on the hyperlink, and learn more!