Jordan Journal

May 8, 2015

Our First Gathering!

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Thank you for a wonderful evening meeting our community and meeting each other. I was so proud to be a part of an extra ordinary team who will definitely transform teaching and learning, I can't wait to get started on the work and begin our journey of success and excellence. We are Jordan Black Knights!

What do I bring to our retreat?

Are you excited? Can't wait to get started? Feel the energy? Let's get ready to collaborate this Saturday, May 16th! Please bring the following with you to the retreat:

  • Energy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Excitement
  • Waffle Toppings (serving items or container, if needed)
  • Bring your own device with QR code reader (you will have WiFi access)
  • A way to take notes (electronic or traditional)
  • Fun
  • Laughter
  • Joy

Staff Retreat, May 16th BYOT

We will have our first staff retreat on Saturday, May 16th! We will meet at Jenkins Elementary Cafe beginning at 8:00 AM with a Belgian Waffle Breakfast! We are asking you to BYOT: bring your own topping! Be creative! Bring yummy toppings like blueberries, whip cream, chocolate syrup, powdered sugar, Nutella, syrup, etc!

The purpose of our retreat is to get to know our team members, engage in some vision, mission, and purpose work, along with receiving information. We plan on meeting from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Show your Black Knight spirit by dressing in black and gold!

Jenkins is located at 12 Village Way, Lawrenceville, GA 30046 (on the same campus as Jordan Middle School).

Do you BYOD?

BYOD: Bring your own device to our May 16th Retreat! We will be using our devices at different times throughout the morning. Please make sure to have a QR code reader on your device.

Google Play



If you are a current GCPS employee, I have requested from your principal and TST summer check out of your current laptops. This will allow you access to your tools until we are able to issue you a JMS laptop. We will issue laptops to current GCPS employees at our Midnight Opening on July 3rd @ 12:01 AM. All laptops need to be returned to your current location no later than July 2nd so you can be issued a new laptop. This allows you to have your laptop through summer school.

All new employees will check out their laptops during new teacher orientation. New employees will not be able to log in or gain access to the GCPS tools until your initial hire date which is August 3, 2015.

eClass Sandbox and Course Pages

You will actually have two sandboxes (previous GCPS school and JMS). All courses will remain accessible for two years. Our new LSTC, Tim Keag, will assist you with the process of copying content from your sandbox to your active course pages. I highly recommend you only build in your sandbox over the summer.

Lotus Notes (email for GCPS employees)

Our TST, Tracy Heinitz, has sent out communication regarding the steps needed to archive your email and copy your H: drive. It is highly recommended that you "clean house" prior to coming to Jordan. Notebooks or external hard drives are extremely reasonable and have a high storage capacity. You can simply copy your entire H: drive to this device and then "delete" the files in on your H: drive.

Jordan Journal Fourth Edition