Buckalew Grade Level Orientation

2021-22 School Year

Welcome to Buckalew from the Front Office!

Welcome to Buckalew

Geared-Up for Success with Mrs. Price

Things to note:

  • Yearbook/Fall Pictures tomorrow, September 10
  • We need to keep doing what we are doing, but we can't let up on Covid protocols yet!
  • Bookfair Coming (virtual 9/15-9/25) (in-person 9/20-9/24)
  • Storybook Parade 10/7
  • End of 1st Grading Period 10/7
  • Student Holiday 10/8
  • Holiday 10/11

Geared Up for Success


Meet the Team: Pictured Left to Right

Hannah Harsh, Jacklyn Smejkal, Lindy Davis, Michelle Mader, Jenny Warren, and Katie Corley

Click HERE for Kinder Orientation- this link is the same powerpoint presentation sent prior to Meet the Teacher on August 9th.

1st Grade

Meet the Team: Pictured Left to Right

Robin Snyder, Marc Cohen, Rachel Wilson, Alexis Moschitto, Kristi Fuller, Jodi Ramirez

Click HERE for 1st Grade Virtual Orientation

2nd Grade

Meet the Team: Pictured Left to Right

Karen Amador, Mary Segel, Cindy Cardone, Amy Hargett, Shany Dillow, Anita Senger

Click HERE for 2nd Grade Virtual Orientation

3rd Grade

Meet the Team: Pictured Left to Right

Rachael Fuller, Michelle Canlas, Jill Krizan, Kaitlyn Wixson, Julie Garrett, Chelsea Depoy

Click HERE for 3rd Grade Virtual Orientation

4th Grade

Meet the Team: Pictured Left to Right

Jacquee Hveem, Dawn Dawson, Lisa Saheb, Arielle Tyner, Valery Hanna, Dionne Lunsford, Shay Triem

Click HERE for 4th Grade Virtual Orientation


ALL Students know our specials team!! Check out their classroom information!

Meet the Team: Left to Right

Shannon Doak-ART Teacher, Jennifer West- Librarian, Tim Russell-PE Coach, Stephanie Treml-Technology, Stephanie Ramirez-Music Teacher

Click HERE for our Specials Classes

Student Support Team:

Meet the Team: Left to Right, Back to Front

Adrienne Miller, Patty Henry, Julie Pedersen, Wendy Laurence, Lauren Breder, Kayla Bryant, Lillian Smith, Crispin Provost, Maggie Steinberg

Audelia Cestero, Ashley Aliaga, Kerry Konczak, Lenore Morrison, Boonjira Jankhiew, Alexa Bishop, Caitlyn Doss

"Picture Perfect Friday" Videos

Videos that highlight the week are shown to our students each Friday. We hope you enjoy just a snapshot of our weeks so far!

Can My Child Go To School *updated 9/7/21

Questions about the Pandemic?

Visit the Roadmap to Remaining Open as it is updated often.

Many of you have asked, what can we do to show our support?

Ways to Show Support:

  • Join our PTO! Next Meeting, October 1st
  • Sponsor a "special treat" for our staff (contact Mrs. Price @ jlprice@conroeisd.net) Mrs. Price is always looking for ways to continually boost moral of our staff while we are unable to meet in person, yet while we are working under the same roof for the last year and a half. A little "something" goes a long way! If you would love to sponsor a sonic drink delivery, special treat for a faculty zoom meeting, or something that would lift spirits of our staff, please reach out!
  • Send in a personal note, email, or TAE (see below) to any staff member.

Want to thank a Staff Member?

We are doing all we can to keep our Bears safe and healthy so we can keep schools open. If you're looking for a way to say thank you to your child's teacher, I encourage you to access your Parent Access Account (PAC) to write a Teacher's Achieving Excellence (TAE). If you don't have a PAC account yet, you will want one. You can monitor your child's grades, attendance, and so much more. You can use this link to create an account: https://www.conroeisd.net/parents/

- you will need to know your child's 6 digit ID (it's their lunch number). You can access the TAEs under the communication tab.