Hairspray Musical Presentation

By: Ayden Banwell and Jaymie Hill

Hairspray synopsis

tracy turnblad is a big girl with a big hairdo and is obsessed with the corny collins tv show. she is full of joy and is very enthusiastic about life. there is an opening to get onto the corny collins show and she wants to try out for it. that isnt as easy as it sounds, though, because amber von tussel makes it hard for her because she is mean to tracy. they have a day at the corny collins show called "negro day" where all of the black people can go and dance when they normally couldnt and tracy is against that because she thinks everyone should dance together. ambers boyfriend, link, begins to fall in love with tracy because they have the same ideas. they have a mrs. hairspray contest and tracy is a contestent in it. amber has won for the last few years (what a shocker) but everyone starts to like to like tracy because she is changing everyone's views. Tracy ends up winning and finally "negros" are allowed to dance with the "whites".

musical numbers

IT TAKES TWO: a song about ambers boyfriend falling in love with tracy.

WITHOUT LOVE: tells how you would feel without love in the world(not fun).

YOU CANT STOP THE BEAT: you cant control people's thinking and doing.

WELCOME TO THE 60'S: its about welcoming tracys mom to the new days and not living in the past.

review of hairspray

I think this is a very good musical as it shows how black people were discriminated against and how someone sticks up for them. It proves that a small group of determined people can change the world for the better. It shows you that you can do anything if you put your mind to it(i know its cheesy deal with it). It also shows that you should never let people control you, you are your own person! you have just as much right as everyone else!