Introducting LeapMotion!

The newest, smartest way to learn!

One Giant Leap for Mankind!

Introducing LeapMotion! The newest, smartest way to learn! Leap motion is a highly active sensor that will rid you of your mouse and keyboard forever, allowing you to grab technology by the finger tips! With leap, you can truly experience a new way to write, play, and experiment with your computer. Leap is so smart that it can distinguish a thumb from a pinky, and everything in between! For more information visit

Preorder Today!

Order your Leap today and have it as soon as February 2013! For the low price of $69.99, the future of technology can be yours. There are a limited number of Leap devices available, shipping rates apply.

The Leap is a sensor that is 200x more precise than a mouse, and smaller than an iPod touch. It is connected to a USB port and WAM! You have 8 feet of space to interact in your new 3D environment! Leap is more sensitive than a touch screen and, best of all, you don't have to touch the screen! Leap can be used with every technology from Backyard Baseball to Microsoft Word to Engineering. We are confident that LeapMotion will exceed the wildest expectations, and take society into a new world of computing.