Internet Safety

by Cody Jones

The Ten Rules for Internet Safety

1. When you feel uncomfortable or uneasy about a message don,t respond to it and contact your internet service provider.

2.Get to know your "online friends" just as you would get to know all of your other friends.

3. Talk to your parents to set rules for going online, and decide with them on the right time to be online.

4. Never arrange to meet someone you have met online in person unless you talk to a parent or an adult goes with you.

5. Never accept a gift card or an offer that involves someone coming to your house.

6. Never give out a credit card number or passwords on the internet.

7. Never send out your picture with out your parents permission.

8. Be careful when excepting money or gift cards for free.

9. Always tell your parents or guardian if you see something you know is wrong or makes you feel uncomfortable.

10. Always ask your parents' permission before using your full name, address, telephone number or school name.