Keynotes and pages

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What is keyntote?

Keynote is a presentation site. What it does is that it takes pics text and stufflike that and make it into a presentation. You can custumize they keynote very easyly.


Some things that you can do to custumize is to automate it, add pics and text, add transitions between pages or pics. Lots of stuff!


So what is pages?

Pages is a great software where you can write books make flyers, and a lot of things like that. Like keynote you can customize very well on pages, you can insert pics, make shapes, color the shapes, and turn the shapes different colors. Not just any colors, you can make them be gradient fill, and advanced gradient fill.

What can it do?

Pages can formmat different styles of sheets like a brochere, and things of that nature. Pages can also make lines that the text cannot cross which is very helpful. It can also make text boxes which can limmet where the text goes.

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