Uganda Water Project

Lauren Crabtree

Solution 1 (1-2 people)

In Uganda, a problem contributing to the contamination of the water is that bugs and bacteria get in it and cause people to fall ill. A small solution would be to filter out the insects with cloth and then put the bacteria infected water into water plastic and set them out in the sun for a few hours. The UV light will kill the bacteria. This is not a perfect way of filtering water and it still leaves a muddy aftertaste.

Solution 2 (20-30 people)

In Uganda, their rainy season is more than seven months long! So a way to collect fresh water would be for a group of people to invest in a few rain barrels. This is a great way to keep water from becoming contaminated by feces and dirt. The only disadvantage would be that during the dry months it would not be as effective.

Soluton 3 (Hundreds of people)

For a last solution for Uganda's water crisis, I would plan to put in well pumps. Feces and diseases gets washed into open wells and pits in which water is used by the people. Well pump's used atmospheric pressure to push clean ground water up and out of its spout. These well would benefit the people because it would provide clean water and it would be more accessible.