Mrs. Barrett & Mrs. Wiley


We are so proud of our UMAC team while they continue to "Picnic at the Parcc"! Next week our new friends will take their fourth test the math portion of PARCC on Monday and Thursday. Our old friends will take the final reading PARCC test on Tuesday afternoon. The old friend will take their math tests the week we return. Their efforts and dedication to their learning is apparent as they diligently share their knowledge.

It is hard to believe that next week will be our last week before spring break. If you are planning on leaving early or coming back after our first day back, please let us know.

Enjoy this beautiful sunny day and have a terrific weekend!

Sincerely, Michelle Barrett & Abby Wiley

We are traveling in a van and a plane heading to the WEST!!

This week we began our final tour throughout the Western region of the United States. Our students will have to learn eleven states and capitals as we take this journey. Our states and capitals quiz will be next Thursday, March 19. Along with the state review, we will be stopping at many interesting destinations to learn about these landmarks.

Shared Reading....PEARL HARBOR

This week in shared reading students were reading and discussing the events that occurred the morning of December 7 at Pearl Harbor. By reading first and second hand accounts, our readers were able to gain a deeper understaning of this event.

Imagine, Write & Win! Poets at Work!!

Students spent time this week composing poetry. Our writers are learning the importance of using very specific in their word choice to create mental imagery. This week we were working on the drafts of their poems. Our creativity will be completed next week with their final pieces. This work will then be submitted to the Crystal Lake Library on Thursday for the competition.

Hooray for a taste of Spring!

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Math News.......

This week our mathematicians started Chapter 9 where we will focus on converting fractions to decimals to percentages with and without a calculator. As always, I encourage all students practice their math facts at home using XtraMath or TenMarks which is a new site we are using too!

Our old friends are reinforcing their understanding of multiplication of fractions as they prepare for their math test next Thursday. The biggest challenge is reducing fractions to simpliest form. With practice, they are demonstrating their understanding.


  • Thursday, March 19 Jesse White Tumblers
Old friends Chapter 8 -math test
West Region States/Capital test
  • Friday, March 20 Trimester 2 Report Cards sent home
  • Saturday, March 21 - Sunday, March 29 Spring Break!
  • Monday, March 30- School Resumes
  • Friday, April 17- UMAC Road Trip **** ALL PARENTS WELCOME
  • (Barrett team from 2:00-3:00)