App of the Month Challenge

LMES SPED - December 2014

Are you up for a challenge?

Thanks to those of you who participated in the October/November App-of-the-Month Challenge and submitted a review. There's still time to try out those featured apps. Below are the links to the past two challenges:

Here are a couple quotes from the reflections submitted from November's Challenge:

  • App Smashing is using two or more apps to create a dynamic final product. Here's an example of app smashing at it's best: "Students created a pumpkin out of random materials that were given to them. We then took their pumpkins' picture and uploaded them to PicCollage. Then students traded pumpkins and wrote a story about their partner's pumpkin. Afterwards they created a Sock Puppet presentation to illustrate their story."
  • What went well in the lesson/activity? "The ease of using the (Quizlet) App and zero prep! It was all there and the situations were grade level appropriate. We enjoyed using the matching (Memory) type game.

Now it's time for December's challenge. Are you ready?

  • Plan and/or collab with Stacie Taylor if you need some help! My calendars are below.
  • Fill out the Google Form (link below) to serve as a "review" of the app. Explain how you used it, what went well, what didn't go so well, would you use again, etc.
  • Submit the Google Form by the end of the month.

December Apps

(Click on each app below for a description from iTunes!)

Math - Sushi Monster

  • Read here for a review of the app that includes a video.

Writing (for any subject) - Write About This

Creativity (Show What you Know - For Any Subject) - PicCollage

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