Certified Ethical Hacker

Stem Carrer

Collages that offer Mayor for the job University of North Texas, ITT Technical Institute

What is Certified Ethical Hacker??

A professional hacker is a person that specializes in hacking networks and then fix any vulnerabilities that the network has. They hired by companies that want to have a secure network.


The average pay to a Certified Ethical Hacker is $71,331 per annul. The salary ranges from $24,760 to $111,502, with a bonus payout between $0.00 and $17,500. Thus the total salary is approximately between $24,760 – $132,322.1

job outlooks

We need this job because , people have saved information that could be very personal. With these kind of jobs all of there documents will be safe and not mess with so people won't hack into the networks , so the information of big company's will not get stolen or hacked.
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