SRC Update

March 2015

Upcoming Events

March Dates to Know

  • March is Music in Our Schools Month, National Women's History Month, and National Craft Month
  • March 2nd - Read Across America, Dr. Seuss's birthday - check out his new book, Faculty Curriculum Day & PS Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • March 2nd-6th - Newspaper in Education Week
  • March 4th - Purim begins at sunset
  • March 7th - Alaska's Iditarod Race begins in Anchorage
  • March 8th - Daylight Savings Time Begins
  • March 9th-13th - Teen Tech Week
  • March 13th - Digital Learning Day, new Cinderella in theaters
  • March 14th - Pi Day (For a fun, nerdy t-shirt click here)
  • March 15th-21st - National Poison Prevention Week
  • March 16th - Freedom of Information Day
  • March 17th - St. Patrick's Day
  • March 20th - Spring begins
  • March 23rd - April 3rd - Spring Break


Schedule your classes in the SRC

We have space to spread out, a lovely bright room, and best of all, we are snack and drink friendly. The new Google calendars have been shared with you so signing up is easy.

Food and drinks are allowed?

The no food or drink ban has been officially lifted in the SRC. Please pick up after yourselves and keep liquids away from the computers and printers. Otherwise, eat, drink, and be merry.

Atlas Rubicon - dun..dun..DUN!

As you update your curriculum in Atlas Rubicon, keep in mind that I am available to collaborate on projects. If you have a research paper planned, bring me in to discuss resources, narrowing topics, bibliographies - I love that stuff. If you would like to bring in someone from the community or Skype with a professional in the field, don't hesitate to ask for my help.

Also, think about the SRC as an extension of your classroom. Make a note about when you might want to schedule to use our space. Our tables and chairs can be moved to meet your needs.

Tables and chairs can move - Oh my!

Feel free to push tables together, add more chairs, and in general, move things around in the SRC. We know that the furniture is a little bulky, but Mr. Davenport has been working hard lately to update the bottom casters for smoother movement and tighten everything up for us. Make the arrangement fit your needs. We don't mind, really.

Book Signings at Milwaukee's Boswell Book Company

Empty Bowls Racine 2015

Monday, March 2nd, 4-7pm

5 5th Street

Racine, WI

$15 per meal (you keep the bowl) $5 for children under 10 (recyclable bowl) $10 for “Soup To Go” Proceeds support HALO and the Racine County Food Bank. Lunch will also be served from 11am-2pm.