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Amazing facts that you should know about Paramecium's


Paramecium's are single celled freshwater animal that has a characteristic slipperlike shape and is covered with cilia. Paramecium's eat different things starting with Alage, Bacteria, other protozoans , Dead plants and Animals, and tiny animal's. Paramecium's have something simiular to a mouth called a Cytosome , to let food items into there bodies. A fun fact about the Paramecium that i think you should know about the Paramecium , is Paramecium are being tested to see if they can learn and currently it is believed that they can be taught to differentiate different levels of brightness. Incase you are wondering a Paramecium lives in a water based habitat . The paramecium #1 function is to move, and the Paramecium main purpose is to pass nutrients. An importance of the Paramecium is what it look likes! the paramecium looks excatly like an oval , slipper shapped micro-organism which is rounded at the front/top , and pointed at the back/bottom. The connection that the Parameciums have to humans is by controlling alage, bacteria , and other protist and they also help clean up tiny particls of debris. Some special features thatI the Paramecium has two nuclei ,a big one and small one . one more special feature that the paramecium is composed of a single cell.