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6th, 7th, and 8th

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Week of November 13th! Let's get back to it!!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It's another great week for the HMS Band! I wanted to thank the 7th/8th Grade Band for an AMAZING performance at our Veteran's Day assembly for Harpeth Middle School. The HMS Choir and Band did an amazing job performing for our student body and Mrs. Greece and I are so proud of our students.

The HMS Butter Braid sale is still pushing on everyone! REMINDER THAT THE BUTTER BRAID FUNDRAISER ENDS THIS THURSDAY! Mr. Vaughn will be collecting money from students on Thursday. The online store for the Butter Braids officially ends next Sunday. Currently, we have raised $1,600.00 for our fundraiser. Let's make a final push this week!

Rewards for the Mattress Fundraiser is in this week. I will be distributing the envelopes this Wednesday to the students.

The HMS Band and Choir Holiday Concert are on December 6th at 6:00 pm. This concert is for all band students currently enrolled in the band program. Our 6th through 8th grades will be performing and our HMS Jazz Band.

Students who are auditioning for Midstate Honor Band will be working on their Midstate music this week to prepare for their December audition. This is only a select students in the band program.

Let's have an amazing week!


Christopher Vaughn

Director of Bands

Harpeth Middle School



“Music is Life. That’s why our Hearts have beats”

Pictures from our Veteran's Day Performance

7th/8th Grade Pep Rally!!!

Check out our amazing pictures and performances from our pep rally performance Friday. Everyone ENJOYED the 7th/8th Grade Band! Keep rocking!!!
Our band rocks! Wait until the end to see this week's Finch's Fundamental Focus teacher... 😂😂😂 Congrats, Mr.Turner! For Building relationships & Hands on... | By Harpeth Middle School | Facebook
A few videos from today's glow pep rally!! Our students & teachers can dance, our band can play, & our cheerleaders are on point! #ccsdtn #HMSistheBEST... | By Harpeth Middle School | Facebook

HMS Butter Braids Fundraiser!!!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The HMS Band Program had its kick-off fundraiser event in class yesterday! I have attached the handouts I have given to the students yesterday. We’ve partnered with Music City Fundraising for our next fundraiser!

We’re selling Butter Braid pastries – delicious, frozen pastries that are baked at home. These can only be purchased through fundraisers, and they can be stored in the freezer for months.

The pastries will be delivered frozen and must stay frozen until ready to bake. (Any orders placed through the online store will be deliver to sellers to distribute since these cannot be shipped.)

The easiest way to reach your goal of 10 pastries is to ASK! Ask teachers & staff, friends & neighbors! Share your online store link through social media or email!


Each participant should sell at least 10 items to ensure we reach our goal.

HMS Band has 120 members so consider this

If each band member sells 5 pastries our profit would be $2,500.00 (our profit goal)

If each band member sells 10 pastries our profit would be $4,950.00! If you do not want to fundraise for our band program, please consider a donation of $50.00. This will constitute our goal and profit margin! A reminder that the funds used will be for instruments, music, repair, and band trips.

HMS Band Agenda Week of November 13th

6th Grade

Monday - Focus is learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Brass improving on Concert G

Tuesday - First Christmas March beginning to measure 22
Wednesday - Introducing Low Concert A on number 42 in Habits Book
Thursday - Introducing Flams for percussion to prepare for the piece Jingle Bells
Friday - First Christmas March measure 22 to 32

7th Grade

Monday - Reviewing Bb Scale and Eb Scale and introducing Ab Scale
Tuesday - First Progressive Chorales Numbers 1 and 2 focusing on blending
Wednesday - Introducing sixteenth notes while applying to our scale exercise
Thursday - Fundamental Day while incorporating to music
Friday - Sightreading Day!

8th Grade

Monday - Sectionals working on Midstate Music, Mallet Maniac, and Thriller
Tuesday - First Progressive Chorales Numbers 3 and 4 with focus on G Minor Scale
Wednesday - Sightreading Day on Sightreading Factory
Thursday - Midstate Music Day!
Friday - New Music Day (sightreading)

HMS Band Past Performances


Harpeth Middle School Band Leadership

Congrats to our newly appointed HMS Band leadership students! These students were voted by their peers to advocate for the Harpeth Middle School Band program and to instill a reflection of everyone in the band program. I am very proud of our leadership and what they are going to incorporate this year.

8th Grade Captain - Killian Gholson

8th Grade Vice Captain - Kaleb Cameron

8th Grade Secretary - Forrest Boggs

8th Grade Historian - Lily Clayton

8th Grade Percussion Captain - JP Lane

7th Grade Captain - Callie Saul

7th Grade Vice Captain - Mila Gray

7th Grade Secretary - Emily "BFF" Casella

7th Grade Historian - Thayer Parsley

The Harpeth Band Way!

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7th Grade Band Rocking the War Chant

First time 7th grade playing War Chant. | By Harpeth Middle School Band | Facebook
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First HMS Jazz Band this year!

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Week of September 18th Agenda

HMS Band Pictures!!

Meet our 8th Grade Band!

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Professional audio recordings of music we are playing this year

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Harpeth Middle Athletics on Facebook Watch

Amazing Winter Concert and Basketball Performance

Standards Based Grading in the HMS Band

What is "Proficiency Based Grading?"

Proficiency Based Grading is a different and more accurate method of assessing student progress than the traditional 0-100 grade. In the proficiency system, students are measured against an identified proficiency or standard. This system more effectively shows a student's progress toward achieving each standard, as well as helping to show how they can improve or extend their learning.

What do scores mean?

In the the proficiency based grading system, students are progressing toward an identified standard or goal. Once the standard has been achieved, the student has earned a score of 3.0. This means the student has met the expectation for that particular standard.

On each assignment within this structure, students will receive a score on a four point scale (see below). Scores on individual assignments are not calculated on the traditional 0-100 point grading scale and instead indicate a student’s proficiency toward the standard.

General Description of Standards Based Grading Scores

4 Exceeds the standard:

The student demonstrates in-depth inferences and applications of the learning which go beyond what was taught.

3 Meets the standard:

The student has demonstrated the skill and/or content expected.

2 Approaching the standard:

The student is able to perform the basic processes and understands the vocabulary which are prerequisites to meeting the standard.

1 Partial success:

With help, the student is partially successful in performing the prerequisite skills or meeting the standard.

0 No evidence:

There is little or no evidence that the student has met the standard.

Please note that a score of 3 is a very good rating and shows that the student has met the standard.

How will these scores appear in Schoology?

Scores for each assignment will appear in Schoology under the particular standard they reference. For example, assignments tied to the "Individual Performance" standard will appear under that standard.

How will term grades be calculated?

At HMS, your overall grade for each standard will be determined through the use of “Power Law.” Power law reflects the trend of your learning for that particular standard. At the end of each term, student proficiency scores from each standard will be averaged and then will be converted into a traditional 0-100 scale (using the school-wide conversion scale) to determine your overall grade. This means that you will receive a grade for each standard (on a 0-4 scale) and an overall grade that combines all scores (on a 0-100 scale).

What are "Habits of Work?"

You will also receive a “Habits of Work” grade for this class (the “HOW” grade). Like your final grade in the class, this grade will appear on your final transcript. The Habits of Work standards are related to responsibility, collaboration, and perseverance. The HOW grade is separate from academic achievement indicated in other areas discussed above and is not reflected in your overall grade.

What are the "Overarching Standards" in Band?

A student's proficiency is determined for identified course standards. Those "overarching standards" (the big ideas) are below. Click on the ensemble headings for more in-depth information.

Harpeth Middle School

      • HMS Band

        • Technique:

          • By the end of the course, the student will demonstrate technical mastery of their instrument as appropriate for their grade level.

        • Expression:

          • By the end of the course, the student will demonstrate effective use of identified expressive elements of music in their performance.

        • Ensemble Skills:

          • By the end of the course, the student will be able to critique a performance, set goals for musical growth, and collaborate in an ensemble to create successful music performances.

Within each overarching standard, there are also more specific concepts or "priority standards" that work toward the bigger goals. Please note, however, that scores on report cards and listed within Infinite Campus are only given under each broad heading or overarching standard.

Never Give Up!

If we are not happy with our results, learn from them students. There are times where we will fail, but never give up! Bounce back, grow and do better. We believe in our society if we fail, it's over. Never believe that and be the best you can be!
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Harpeth Middle School Band News!

Why is music and band important???

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Reminder Parents/Guardians,

Please turn in your band fees. Like I explained Monday, this fee goes back to your child so we can purchase supplies, books, etc.


Above is the website

HMS Band Remind 101


To keep updated on what is happening in our band program, sign up for our Remind 101.

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HMS Band Rental Information

We have a youtube!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

The very First Note we play!!! Which will happen on the first full day of school.


The time has come for your child to have the opportunity to join the Harpeth Middle School band! The advantages of being in band are numerous. Studies have shown that band helps build a student’s self-confidence, develop responsibility, improve communication, strengthen social skills, and even contribute to better performance in math and other subject areas! Most importantly, studying music is important because music is important. Music is part of being human and its role and presence in our lives is undeniable. The experiences, skills, and relationships your child will gain through band are priceless and will last a lifetime.

Band is a class, so it meets daily and has standards like any other subject. We also have required materials, one of which is an instrument. Students/parents are responsible for getting their own instrument. This can be done through rental or purchase. Unlike other classes, band has additional requirements outside the school day. Performances, for example, often take place after school and are required. We understand that band’s time commitment/obligations can conflict with student’s other interests and hobbies. We strive to accommodate for students’ busy schedules, however, a performance is a grade for our class and something that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. With clear communication and flexibility, being involved in sports or extracurricular groups is not a problem. We have students in band that are a part of every sport and group HMS has to offer.

Below is information about Renting an instrument!!

Harpeth Middle School Band Information Forms

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This year we will be completing our forms via online. We need all of our registration forms completed so we can update your child's information.

6th Grade Band Registration Information Form


7th/8th Grade Band Registration Information Form


T-Shirt and Polo Order Form


Harpeth Middle School Band Contract 2022-2023


Here is our 2021-2022 Contract. Please take the opportunity to read it.


Harpeth Spring Band Concert Videos

If you check on the HHS Band of Blue Facebook Page, our concert is there!

6th Grade Band


Jazz Band


7th/8th Grade Band


Harpeth Middle School Band Facebook


We are on Facebook! Follow the band page with the tag harpethmsband1. Excited to add more to our communication portals.

Here is the website:


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Your Band Directors

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Well we got some back from the past photos from last year!

New Band Website is ready!

We have our Band Website up and running! Please visit the link


Students who play instruments that require reeds should have 3 good reeds with them at all times. If your student is running low on reeds, please contact Paige's Music to order a box (clarinets and saxes) or individual reeds (bassoon and oboe). Brand and strength of reeds are listed below for your convenience:

Clarinet (6th grade)

Vandoren 2 1/2

Clarinet (7th and 8th grades)

Vandoren 3

Bass Clarinet

Vandoren 2 1/2

Alto Sax (all grades)

Vandoren 2 1/2

(7th and 8th grades may use strength 3 if desired)

Tenor Sax (all grades)

Vandoren 2 1/2

Bari Saxes (all grades)

Vandoren 2 1/2

Oboe (6th grade)

Jones medium soft

Oboe (7th and 8th grades)

Jones medium

Bassoon (6th grade)

Jones medium soft

Bassoon (7th and 8th grades)

Jones medium

Bandwagon Phone Number 615.721.2263

Bandwagon Website


Students are expected to practice 120 minutes per week.

Practicing at home is the most important part of learning an instrument. It is recommended to practice a little each day to get the most benefit. The more you practice, the easier it becomes!

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Musical Donations

The value of the arts in education is something that the Harpeth Middle School Band Program takes very seriously. The district feels that every child deserves the chance to play a musical instrument. Studies have shown that it makes kids smarter, improves the quality of their education, and helps to teach them the skills necessary for success later in life.

In times when instrumental music programs are shrinking and being threatened due to budget constraints, the program at Harpeth striving. Students are enjoying the positive educational benefits of playing in the band. Participation is at an all time high and the programs continue to grow exponentially each year.

This unprecedented success also has its challenges. Acquiring instruments for eleven schools during these tough economic times is difficult. Not all students can afford to rent or buy an instrument and our inventory in the district is quickly shrinking with additional participation. Help keep music alive for everyone in our schools and consider donating an instrument for our students!

Perhaps you have a saxophone or trumpet in your attic that hasn’t been used in awhile. Maybe you know someone who has a violin gathering dust. If you have an instrument that we could put to use, please click on the attached form from the email and fill out the required information to schedule a drop off of the instrument.

I will send you a thank you letter documenting your donation and you will be giving the gift of music to a deserving student. Playing in the band or orchestra may have shaped who you are today. Please help us allow our students to have that same experience.

About the Harpeth Band Program

It is our mission to provide experiences that create that "spark" in students to become live long lovers and students of music. We want the students to not only learn the material but to be able to apply and think on their own. In addition, we pride ourselves on being able to be serious and sound "good" while still having a "good" time!