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6th, 7th, and 8th

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Week of September 19 "It's game time this week"

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are moving on in the semester! THIS IS GAME WEEK FOR THE 7TH/8TH GRADE BAND! The 7th and 8th grade band will have their first performance this week for the community at our HMS Homecoming Football Game. The students have been working hard on the national anthem and the pep tunes to play in the stands. A few things I would like to mention:

  • This is the first 7th/8th grade combined performance. Will they be nervous. Of course! I have told the band that if you do your best, that's all that matters. We perform for the aspect of displaying their hard work through music and performance. I will be coaching the students to prepare to play for their community.
  • This performance is REQUIRED! Like any sport team, they have practice to prepare for the big game performance for the win. For band, the win is having everyone there and performing as a band together. Our practices have been inside the house where people don't get to see but I am going to be proud of the WIN we receive by playing the first few notes together.
ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO PRACTICE! This goes for every band member (6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade). I have seen progress this year but we want to hone those skills by refining them at home. With practicing, I always encourage our students to practice at least 15 minutes or more. EVERY STUDENT SITTING IN THE CHAIR IN THE BAND ROOM HAS TALENT! We strive to sound good every time we rehearse so please encourage your child to practice.

I am so excited for the first performance this year this coming up Thursday. We will have fun and enjoy playing the instruments. Let's do this HMS BAND!!!!!


Christopher Vaughn

Director of Bands

Harpeth Middle School

HMS Band 7th/8th Grade Thursday Night Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The time has finally come for our first community performance!!! The 7th and 8th grade band will be performing at the HMS Homecoming Football Game on Thursday, September 23rd, at 5:30pm! Just like sports, band members do not have the opportunity to perform. Our “games” are our performances. We take the time to practice in the classroom to refine a product to sell to our community so they can be proud! The students have worked hard this beginning of the year and we want to take the time perform at the football game and support our student body, football players, and cheerleaders. The HMS Band will be performing the National Anthem at the beginning of the game and then play some tunes in the stands. We will be performing till the end of Halftime. At the beginning of 3rd quarter, we will dismiss to the band room so students can get their cases and any other items. This is going to be a fun night!! We are even inviting some HHS Band of Blue members to perform with the band in the stands. Homecoming is about us performing together for our community of Kingston Springs. THIS PERFORMANCE IS MANDATORY AND REQUIRED BY ALL 7TH AND 8TH GRADE BAND STUDENTS. THIS IS A GRADED PERFORMANCE SO MAKE THE ACCOMDATIONS TO BE THERE!! WE DO NOT HAVE MANY PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES SO LET’S TAKE THE CHANCE TO PERFORM! Here is the schedule for Thursday:

5:30 PM Arrive at HMS Band Room (enter through back band hall door.) Get instrument and music out. ALL CASES NEED TO STAY IN THE BAND ROOM. We will do a quick warm up in the room and perform the Star Spangled Banner

5:50 PM Dismiss by sections with a stand to the football stadium. Follow the leader to the side of the stands. Stay with your section and wait for Mr. Vaughn to move you into the stands.

6:30 PM Perform the National Anthem for the community

6:35 PM Play for the first quarter, second quarter, and half time.

Approx. 7:30 PM Dismiss by rows out of the stands. Bring stand, instrument, and music back to the band room. You are free to leave after all of your things are CORRECTLY put away. If you want to go back into the game, you are free to do so.

These game are required for all 7th and 8th grade band students. The exceptions are football players and cheerleaders. Football players will have someone take their instrument and join us for the Star Spangled Banner. JV and Cheerleaders are free to join to play at Halftime. Please call or email with any problems.

Thank you,

Christopher Vaughn

Director of Bands

Harpeth Middle School



Parents Please READ! Very Important

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There’s a National TikTok challenge in which students are encouraged to trash the restroom at school. Students are facing discipline, fines and possibly criminal charges. Please have a conversation with your child about respecting their school.

Schools and educators are facing enough external challenges. Let’s not add to that with internal battles. It’s frustrating and disheartening to talk with children about vandalism but it is necessary.

Check out those 6th Graders getting better!!!

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Congrats to the HHS Band of Blue and our 8th graders who march!

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The HHS Band of Blue had their first competition Saturday at Hendersonville, TN. We have three students who march with the HHS Band of Blue and they are

Camryn Turnbloom

Lily Valentine

Austin Gersman


Never Give Up!

If we are not happy with our results, learn from them students. There are times where we will fail, but never give up! Bounce back, grow and do better. We believe in our society if we fail, it's over. Never believe that and be the best you can be!
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Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have a home game this Thursday! Please check to see if you signed up for the concessions this Thursday!


Thank you for reading

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT BECAUSE I CAN NOT BE IN THE CONCESSION STAND. I will be with the band! Please sign up so we can raise funds for our band program.

Christopher Vaughn

Director of Bands

Harpeth Middle School



“Music is Life. That’s why our Hearts have beats”

Harpeth Middle School Band News!

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Jazz Band will be starting September 22!!!!

Jazz Band is an ensemble that meets during RTI every morning and we have many students who are interested in participating in this performing ensemble. There are some students who are not eligible to participate due to their Benchmark scores but this can be motivation for the students to work hard to be involved in our jazz band program. I am really excited for the start of jazz band at Harpeth Middle School!

Why is music and band important???

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Harpeth Middle School Band Week of 9/19/2021

7th/8th Grade Band

Star Spangled Banner! This is going to be the focus for the band this week and tuning! We will also be looking at the Eb Scale (7th Grade Friday) and Chromatic Scale 2 Octaves (8th Grade).

Monday - Star Spangled Banner Run Through (8th Grade) 7th Grade 26 to the end

After School Rehearsal with Jazz Band Rhythm Section till 4pm

Tuesday - Pep Tunes (Word Up, Raspberry, High Hopes, Apache, Seven Nation Army, Crazy Train)

Wednesday - Run Through of Star Spangled Banner

Jazz Band meets during RTI

Thursday - Run through of music for tonight. Performance at HMS Homecoming Game

Friday - Test over Eb Scale and Chromatic Scale

6th Grade Band

Students are doing well playing but remember that Rome was not built in a day. It takes time to learn a new instrument and students first have to be patient and that includes the parent! Here is an article I read this weekend about the beginning band parent:

Monday - Split up Monday (Woodwinds with Dr. Vincent/Brass Percussion with Mr. Vaughn)

Tuesday - Music Theory Basics (Whole note, half note, quarter note)

Wednesday - Percussion with Dr. Vincent...focus will be learning to read notes and memorize fingering charts

Thursday - Focus is number 14 Mary Had a Little Lamb

Friday - HOMEWORK This weekend! Perform Mary Had a Little Lamb for your parents and record it on schoology

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Reminder Parents/Guardians,

Please turn in your band fees. Like I explained Monday, this fee goes back to your child so we can purchase supplies, books, etc.


Above is the website

HMS Band T-Shirt Orders are September 10th!

I wanted to give you an update on our T-Shirts for the program. We are still going to do T-Shirts for our band program but we will delay the date moving to next week September 17th. The reason we are moving the date is because of the possibilities of making two orders (one for students and the other for parents). Since parents will want to purchase a shirt, due to the state and Cheatham County School system, parents will need to purchase the shirt with added tax. The t-shirt forms you received that have the prices there are for your child’s shirt. Since we have parents who want to purchase shirts, unbeknownst of myself, we will have to fill out a form to get approved for the county. This is an unfortunate error on our part and I apologize for not knowing. Since we have to get approved, we have checks that you have turned in back in August. Speaking to the school treasurer and administration we will be handing back the checks this Wednesday so you can give a new check. The checks have not been deposited in the school account and we will be giving the check back to the students on Wednesday. All I ask from you is to turn in another check (for parents who are interested in purchasing). If there any parents who are interested in purchasing a t-shirt/polo we will have an updated order sheet just for parents. I will keep the original student order forms for documentation purpose but if you do want the form please contact me about it. I will type this again….THE CHECKS HAVE NOT BEEN DEPOSITED. Communication is important and vital in our band program and I wanted to take the time to inform all of our parents in the band program. I apologize for the error for not knowing that we had to document paper work to the Cheatham County Board of Education for purchasing t-shirts for parents.

Christopher Vaughn

Director of Bands

Harpeth Middle School



“Music is Life. That’s why our Hearts have beats”

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Reminder that we are ordering our Polos and T-Shirts. Polos are required but T-Shirts are optional. Below is our form if you would like to put the information online



The T-shirt/Polo order payment WILL NOT BE ON REVTRAK. Revtrak will only have our Band Fee option. Please turn in money to the school (Mr. Vaughn) so we can order. Orders will be in September.

HMS Band Remind 101


To keep updated on what is happening in our band program, sign up for our Remind 101.

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HMS Band Rental Information

We have a youtube!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

The very First Note we play!!! Which will happen on the first full day of school.


The time has come for your child to have the opportunity to join the Harpeth Middle School band! The advantages of being in band are numerous. Studies have shown that band helps build a student’s self-confidence, develop responsibility, improve communication, strengthen social skills, and even contribute to better performance in math and other subject areas! Most importantly, studying music is important because music is important. Music is part of being human and its role and presence in our lives is undeniable. The experiences, skills, and relationships your child will gain through band are priceless and will last a lifetime.

Band is a class, so it meets daily and has standards like any other subject. We also have required materials, one of which is an instrument. Students/parents are responsible for getting their own instrument. This can be done through rental or purchase. Unlike other classes, band has additional requirements outside the school day. Performances, for example, often take place after school and are required. We understand that band’s time commitment/obligations can conflict with student’s other interests and hobbies. We strive to accommodate for students’ busy schedules, however, a performance is a grade for our class and something that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. With clear communication and flexibility, being involved in sports or extracurricular groups is not a problem. We have students in band that are a part of every sport and group HMS has to offer.

Below is information about Renting an instrument!!

Different Ensembles for students to be apart of!

Jazz Band, Orchestra, Percussions Ensemble, Band Captains


I am big for students to be involved in our band program by utilizing their gifts to help other ensembles. This year we will be continuing with Jazz Band, starting a new program called Orchestra, and opening up Percussion Ensemble for students who always wanted to learn how to play percussion.

I will be adding leadership roles this year for our students so they can be a model and representation of our band program and most importantly our community. I will mention this to the students tomorrow.

Harpeth Middle School Band Information Forms

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This year we will be completing our forms via online. We need all of our registration forms completed so we can update your child's information.

6th Grade Band Registration Information Form


7th/8th Grade Band Registration Information Form


T-Shirt and Polo Order Form


The 2021-2022 HMS Band Calendar!!


Here is our tentative schedule for the year. This is not set in stone but I can say it is 85 percent correct. Teaching for years has provided me the ability to adapt and prepare for the year so I like to do the same for the parents to be prepared for the year. If any other dates are added, I will send a handout to students and communicate over our social media platforms.

Band Events 2021-2022

August 6th……………1st Day Back to School (Half Day)

Band Parent Meeting (6th, 7th, and 8th Grade)…………………….August 10th @ 5pm

6th Grade Instruments Required for Class………………….August 16th

August 12th……………..Home Football Game Concessions

August 14th………………6th Grade Beginning Band Camp Party 12pm – 3pm

September 2nd………………………Home Football Game Concessions

T-Shirt/Polo Order Forms/Money………………September 10th

September 16th……………….Home Football Game Performance (7th and 8th Grade Band)

September 24th…………….HHS/HMS Combined Band Performance Football Game

October 7th……………..6th Grade Beginning Band Concert

October 8th…………………TBD 6th Grade Band Trip

October 28th…………………..7th and 8th Grade Band Fall Concert

November 2nd – 19th……………………HMS Band Butter Braids Fundraiser

November 12th……………………..HMS Veteran’s Day Performance during the School Day

November 27th…………………..7th/8th Grade Midstate Auditions

December Holiday Band Concert (6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Band)

Midstate Conference………………..January TBA

Basketball Pep Band……………….various dates to be determined (Home Game only)

Rockathon Fundraiser………………..February 18th

Cheatham County Honor Band……………..March 3rd – 5th

Music in our Schools Month Performance………………….March 24th

HMS/HHS Jazz Band Concert…………………….April 19th

HMS Band Concert (6th, 7th, and 8th Grade)……………..April 28th

7th – 8th Grade Band Trip (Dollywood or Beech Bend Water Park)……………………TBD

8th Grade Graduation Performance………………..TBD

Harpeth Middle School Band Contract 2021-2022


Here is our 2021-2022 Contract. Please take the opportunity to read it.


Harpeth Spring Band Concert Videos

If you check on the HHS Band of Blue Facebook Page, our concert is there!

6th Grade Band


Jazz Band


7th/8th Grade Band


Harpeth Middle School Band Facebook


We are on Facebook! Follow the band page with the tag harpethmsband1. Excited to add more to our communication portals.

Here is the website:


Harpeth Middle School Orchestra

Yes parents and guardians you are reading this correctly.....The Harpeth Middle School will be implementing a beginning string orchestra into the fine arts curriculum! I am beyond excited to start the transition into bringing a second instrumental program to HMS! I believe that if we implement a string orchestra program at HMS this gives another musical opportunity for students to branch outside their genre of music to learn an instrument. The program has a cello and an upright bass for the program but we will be adding more instruments to the program over the course of the semester. The program will open for students starting in the fall of 2021. We will have one more fundraiser to help with the cost of instruments, supplies, and literature.
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Your Band Directors

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Well we got some back from the past photos from last year!

New Band Website is ready!

We have our Band Website up and running! Please visit the link


Students who play instruments that require reeds should have 3 good reeds with them at all times. If your student is running low on reeds, please contact Paige's Music to order a box (clarinets and saxes) or individual reeds (bassoon and oboe). Brand and strength of reeds are listed below for your convenience:

Clarinet (6th grade)

Vandoren 2 1/2

Clarinet (7th and 8th grades)

Vandoren 3

Bass Clarinet

Vandoren 2 1/2

Alto Sax (all grades)

Vandoren 2 1/2

(7th and 8th grades may use strength 3 if desired)

Tenor Sax (all grades)

Vandoren 2 1/2

Bari Saxes (all grades)

Vandoren 2 1/2

Oboe (6th grade)

Jones medium soft

Oboe (7th and 8th grades)

Jones medium

Bassoon (6th grade)

Jones medium soft

Bassoon (7th and 8th grades)

Jones medium

Bandwagon Phone Number 615.721.2263

Bandwagon Website


Students are expected to practice 120 minutes per week.

Practicing at home is the most important part of learning an instrument. It is recommended to practice a little each day to get the most benefit. The more you practice, the easier it becomes!

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Musical Donations

The value of the arts in education is something that the Harpeth Middle School Band Program takes very seriously. The district feels that every child deserves the chance to play a musical instrument. Studies have shown that it makes kids smarter, improves the quality of their education, and helps to teach them the skills necessary for success later in life.

In times when instrumental music programs are shrinking and being threatened due to budget constraints, the program at Harpeth striving. Students are enjoying the positive educational benefits of playing in the band. Participation is at an all time high and the programs continue to grow exponentially each year.

This unprecedented success also has its challenges. Acquiring instruments for eleven schools during these tough economic times is difficult. Not all students can afford to rent or buy an instrument and our inventory in the district is quickly shrinking with additional participation. Help keep music alive for everyone in our schools and consider donating an instrument for our students!

Perhaps you have a saxophone or trumpet in your attic that hasn’t been used in awhile. Maybe you know someone who has a violin gathering dust. If you have an instrument that we could put to use, please click on the attached form from the email and fill out the required information to schedule a drop off of the instrument.

I will send you a thank you letter documenting your donation and you will be giving the gift of music to a deserving student. Playing in the band or orchestra may have shaped who you are today. Please help us allow our students to have that same experience.

About the Harpeth Band Program

It is our mission to provide experiences that create that "spark" in students to become live long lovers and students of music. We want the students to not only learn the material but to be able to apply and think on their own. In addition, we pride ourselves on being able to be serious and sound "good" while still having a "good" time!