Get High on Green Day

A Must-See Concert

If you desire to experience a non-stop energetic, explosive event where you feel a personal connection with the band, Green Day will deliver.

From the moment Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool, and Jason White enter the venue, the stomping and clapping and screaming and singing echo throughout the audience. An adventure begins.

The expectation (and fulfillment of all present) is you will be on your feet from beginning to end. "Get off your ass! This is no f?*@ing Cold Play concert!" Billie Joe yells. Rolling Stone magazine calls the gig "a monumental, energy-packed assault."

Aside from the mayhem and hysteria, the musical talent of Green Day can't be denied. From riveting vocals to pounding drum beats fused with vibrant electric guitar rifts, the alternative rock band touches the soul of each audience member resulting in a surreal moment.

The gritty, rebellious punk band members used angst to bring forth lyrical poetry which later evolved into consciousness. The world events and experiences--war, hypocrites, economic woes, a dying environment-- blows audiences away. Billie Joe Armstrong, the writer of the vast majority of the songs, speaks volumes to those who share his spirit for questioning societal barriers and authority. The signature hardcore, bad boy shares his visions with great honesty.

New fans grow daily and you will become one of them. Their concert will make you want to STOP the moment, HOLD onto the moment and TREASURE the moment. This longing is why Green Day is a must-see act.

Green Day Highlights

Grammy Awards

Best Alternative Album for Dookie

Best Rock Album for American Idiot

Record of the Year for Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Best Rock Album for 21st Century Breakdown

Best Musical Show Album for American Idiot: The Original Broadway Cast Recording

Tony Awards

Nominations for Best Musical and Best Scenic Design for the stage adaptation on Broadway of American Idiot