Tech Tidbits

October 2016

Second Issue

In this issue of Tech Tidbits, we will explore

  1. Scheduling an email in Zimbra
  2. Editing PDFs in DocHub
  3. Troubleshooting wireless issues
  4. Exporting Windows Journal files

Thank you to Karen Moffett and Eileen Haggerty for submitting tech questions, and a shout-out goes to our student technology intern, Thomas Lowe, who created our video tutorial and guide for the wireless troubleshooting tips.

If you have any questions or need help following along with the guides and videos included, please contact us.

Tidbit 1: Scheduling an Email in Zimbra

Do you want to send regular email reminders to one of your Zimbra contact groups? Do you find yourself saving emails as Drafts and then forgetting to send them? Follow Janna's How to Guide and/or the video below to schedule emails in Zimbra.

Tidbit 2: Editing PDFs in DocHub

Do you want to fill out and submit PDF forms digitally? Do you have PDFs you would like to edit but you no longer have the original Word files? Follow Janna's How to Guide and/or the video below to edit PDFs in DocHub. Stay tuned for digitizing forms in DocHub, or make an appointment with Janna to get started now.

Tidbit 3: Troubleshooting Wireless Issues

Does your school issued device keep jumping off the WiFi? Do you need to access the guest network on your personal device? Follow Thomas Lowe's How to Guide and/or video below to troubleshoot wireless issues.

Tidbit 4: Exporting Windows Journal Files

Do you need to share your Windows Journal files with students? Use the print option and select PDF. This video from YouTube may be helpful.

Because Windows Journal is a discontinued notetaking application, you may also want to consider transitioning to Microsoft OneNote. See it in action.

Do you need a tech trick or troubleshoot for an issue you are having? Do you have a tech tidbit to share?

We would love to hear from you! If you're having an issue that may be plaguing others or if you've come across something that might be helpful to the rest of the staff, please send it to Janna, and she'll get it in the next issue.

Janna Carney Moran

Technology Integration Specialist

Aaron McLaughlin

Computer Technician

David Ross

Computer Technician
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