JULY 31, 2020

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Dear Parents

The last 5 months have been like nothing I have seen during my 31 years in education. Rules change daily and we are constantly battling guidelines from one organization that conflicts with those from another.

As mentioned in an earlier communication, we are planning a traditional start for all students on Weds August 26th. As a parent myself, I understand that some of you are not sure if your child is ready to return to school even with the enhanced safety precautions we have in place. With that in mind, we are asking all parents to complete a return to school survey linked below for each of their children attending CK.

The survey provides parents 3 options for their child’s return to school plan.

  1. The Traditional Face to Face with enhanced safety precautions
  2. A Distance Learning Option where students would follow their same CK schedules but watch their classes remotely from home
  3. Enrollment into our CK Cyber Education Program currently run through a 3rd party provider.

**Under any of these options, your child would still be considered a CK student, and be permitted to participate in all extra curricular activities.

There are more details about each option in the survey, and if you have any questions, please contact your child’s building principal.

We appreciate your continued support of our school, and we will strive to make whatever option you choose a positive experience for your child.

Thank you for your time and have a great weekend.

Darren McLaurin, Superintendent

Reopening School Selection Survey

Please complete the linked survey for each of your children attending CKSD. The deadline is noon, next Friday and parents who don't respond will be assumed to be participating in the 100% face to face option.

Re-Opening Work Continues

Earlier this week, the admin team participated in our weekly Covid-19 planning session. With help from the team members, we were able to come up with Quarantine areas and protocols for sick students in each of our two buildings. We met with our Food Service Director to review cafeteria protocols. We are planning a grab and go breakfast at the HS and carts to deliver breakfast to the classrooms at the elementary. Our maintenance director, is brainstorming ideas to provide barriers for teachers while in the classroom. We will continue to update our plans as new information is provided.

PIAA Athletics and Band

Our Athletic Teams and Band are beginning to gear up for the fall season. I want to compliment our students, coaches, and band director for the excellent job they have done following the return to play guidelines.

PIAA Approves 3 Options for Starting Fall Sports

PIAA recognizes that Pennsylvania is a large state requiring localized measured decisions. In the current environment, PIAA endorses the ability of schools, leagues and/or conferences to begin contests after the first contest date and following the opening of schools based on local community metrics and health guidance. This flexibility continues a Board of Directors’ commitment to provide opportunities for participation in interscholastic athletics for all students during the 2020-21 school year.

The suggested starting information for a regular start, a hybrid – alternate start or a blend of the two starts is as follows:

1 Regular start

First date for heat acclimatization is Monday, August 10,

First practice date is Monday, August 17.

Golf may begin play on Thursday, August 20.

Girls’ tennis may begin Monday, August 24.

The first contest date is Friday, August 28 (week zero) in the sport of football.

Friday, September 4 is starting date for all remaining fall sports (cross country, girls’ volleyball, field hockey and soccer).

If a Alternate schedule is desired, the following schedule is recommended:

2 Alternate Start:

If an alternate schedule is utilized, schools may begin practice as early as August 10 (football heat acclimatization) or;

August 17, or later, but each sport must have the minimum length of preseason completed (3 weeks – except golf & tennis) before competition is permitted.

First Contest Date: Monday, September 14 (golf, tennis, cross country, girls’ volleyball, field hockey and soccer)

First Contest Date: Friday, September 18 (football)

3 Hybrid Start:

As part of an alternative schedule, play for fall sports should begin no later than Monday, October 5 or may be later with a request to the respective District Committee. Any combination of the established start dates or the alternative schedule, must comply with the established pre-season practice guidelines and may be utilized to accommodate the needs of each local school and community.

In order to accommodate flexible scheduling, a determination on the hosting of PIAA District and State Playoffs will be made at a later date, but no later than Wednesday, August 26, 2020, to assess starting of school initiatives and COVID-19, pandemic circumstances, in each area of the state.

We will be awaiting word from District 6 and the Pennsylvania Department of Education on their recommendations that we expect to be released very soon.