The Rigsby Reader 5.4.15

Updates from Room 311

Classroom Wishlist

  • Dry Erase Markers!!
  • Tissues
  • Paper Towels
  • White Envelopes (normal size)
  • Snacks (Very Low!)

Dates to Remember:

    • May 4th-8th: Staff Appreciation Week
    • May 5th: Parent Mtg 6 pm
    • May 6th: Walk to School Day
    • May 7th: Interim Reports Go Home
    • May 11th: 3rd-5th Field Day
    • May 21st: Celebration of Learning Potluck
    • May 22nd-27th: Scholastic Book Fair
    • May 22nd: June 11th: EOG Testing (3rd-5th)
    • June 9th: Variety Show (2nd-5th only) from 8:30-11 am and 12:30-2 pm
    • June 10th: Kindergarten Graduation at 9 am
    • June 10th: Awards Ceremony (2nd-5th) 1 pm
    • June 11th: 5th Grade Graduation at 9 am

    Parent Volunteers @ Field Day!

    Hard to Recycle Just Got Easier at Claxton

    Between now and June 11th, Claxton is working with TerraCycle to collect hard to recycle items and trade them in for cash for our school. Plastic lined, color coded boxes will be placed on EACH floor and inside the front door. We strongly encourage bringing in waste from home.

    What can I recycle now that I couldn’t previously?

    · Plastic writing utensils (markers, mechanical pencils, highlighters pens, etc.)

    · Foil lined snack bar wrappers (think Cliff Bar)

    · Wine corks (both synthetic and natural)

    · Juice bag containers (Honest Kids, Capri Sun)

    · Household batteries (All alkaline, such as most flashlight batteries; lithium, such as watch and hearing aid batteries; and nickel and cadmium batteries, such as rechargeable batteries used for power tools.

    Where do I recycle my items?

    · Plastic lined, color coded boxes will be placed on EACH floor and inside the front door in the main lobby.

    · LARGE ORANGE BOXES - Plastic writing utensils, foil lined snack bar wrappers and wine corks (both synthetic and natural)

    · SMALL GREEN BOXES - Juice BAG containers ONLY. No boxes or cartons.

    · GRAY PLASTIC BUCKETS - Household batteries

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    What We Are Learning

    • Reading- We are focusing on finding the Theme of a different kinds of works (fiction, poetry, drama) this week.
    • Math- We are doing our final roundup of Fractions & Decimals!
    • Writing- Students continue to finalize their NC Books, and work on their 4th Grade Trip Memory Books.
      Science: We are finishing our Magnet Unit this week! ACS 4th grade Teachers received a grant to develop a 'Forces and Motion' Kit with the NC Science House team. We will have these wonderful science experiment materials for a month!

    Sharing Raleigh Photos

    Mrs. Grimes has created a google drive folder so students and parents can share their pictures with everyone in our class. This will allow students who did not have cameras to see pictures and parents who were not able to attend to see pictures from the trip. Simply click on the link below and add pictures to the folder or view pictures to see the fun we had. The easiest way to upload pictures from a phone is to download the free google drive app and then click on the link. This should allow google drive to connect to your camera. Happy viewing and sharing!

    Finding Mrs. Rigsby

    If your child has a change in how they are going home- please send a note with your child or call the classroom and leave a message. I try to check my email often- but once I'm teaching, I don't stop! Please let me know how I can help your student be successful.