Much Ado About Nothing

Brianna Wasurick

Hero- Natalie Portman

Hero should be played by Natalie Portman because she looks innocent and can play a good younger girl.

Claudio- Leonardo DiCaprio

Looks like an old timey European person. He is also a great actor.

Beatrice- Kate Winslet

Shes from Europe and would be good at playing someone who argues with Benedick.

Theme- Love

The song "From this Moment On" by Shania Twain represents the theme Love in the play very well in many ways. One way is that from the moment Hero and Claudio finally got married they were both so in love. Both of their lives begun on that day and they are blessed to have found each other. In the song it says "You're the reason I believe in Love" and this is totally true for Beatrice and Benedick because without each other they probably never would have changed their minds and fell in love. This is a beautiful song by Shania Twain that represents the total and true meaning of love!
Shania Twain - From This Moment On - Lyrics