Are you a native speaker of Korean?

SLS 박사 과정의 안현아입니다. 여러분의 많은 관심과 참여를 부탁드립니다.

What experiment is this?

Hi, I am Hyunah Ahn (Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Second Language Studies at UHM). My doctoral dissertation is about how monolingual and bilingual speakers of English can use information sources differently and/or similarly as they process English sentences.

If you are a native speaker of Korean who learned (or is learning) English as a second language, please help me with my project. Your participation will help me answer my research questions and improve our understanding of first and second language acquisition.

What do participants do in the lab?

Participants read English sentences on a computer screen and answer simple questions.
Or they listen to simple sentences and select pictures that match the sentences.

Where: Moore 264 (UH Manoa)

How long: About 30-40 minutes

When: When it's convenient for you!

Compensation is provided!

Interested? Fill out a quick survey on the link below. We will contact you for scheduling.

For more information

Email Hyunah at
This study and flyer is approved by the University of Hawaii Institutional Review Board (CHS#22259).