U11 soccer

Broken arm

How did it happened

She passed one defender and was trying to get closer to the goal, but another defender came and pushed her. She felt down and her wrest was swollen. After her parents arrived, she immediately went to the hospital. She broken her arm.

It was a nightmare

In The Hospital

She went to the hospital but it tooked her 5 hours to get treatment. The doctor said her wrest is fracture so he has to push the bone to place to it's place. She started her operation almost at 12. After she finished her operation, she was tickled to move. IT WAS A NIGNTMARE

Finally Recovered

She wanted to play soccer match, so she asked doctor for a discount. Thus she got to take out her cast in 3 and a half of weeks (25 days). She exercised her wrest to get better. The doctor said not to play physical activities for 3 month but she just played soccer. AND nothing got wrong!