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Element's info

Chemical Symbol: (V)

Atomic Number: 23

Atomic Mass: 50.9415 amu

Number Of Isotopes: 5

Vanadium Facts

  • This element is a metal (Solid)
  • It was founded in 1830, by Nils Sefstrom
  • Vanadium was named after the Scandinavian goddess, Vanadis

Vanadium is found in......

More Info about Vanadium

Vanadium Information

  • Vanadium's location on the Periodic Table is Period 4, Group 5
  • Vanadium is a metal, and its familt name is transition metal
  • Similar elements are Niobium,Tantalum, Dubnium
  • Boiling Point: 6116 degrees F.
  • Melting Point: 3434 degrees F.
  • Vanadium is radioactive
  • cost to purchase: $20/ Pound
  • Characteristics: Color= Silver...Odor= None...Reactivity: Steel, Oxide
  • Vanadium's uses involve, Catalyst, Dye, Color Fixer, And Batteries

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