By, Julia Summa, Maggi Anstett, Maggie Dougan


Alberto lives in Bogota, Colombia, which is a nice place to live. So far, there have not been any wars or attacks in that city. The only bad part of Bogota is the kidnappings. In this city, some kids like Alberto and his family have school privileges. Bogota has many organizations that people can join because people want a change in the war.
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Geographical Info

Alberto lives in Colombia's capital, Bogota. The population is 7,674,366. It is the most popular city in the country and one of the largest in the world. Bogota is located in the middle of Colombia, not too far from the other major cities. However it is very far from Mitu, the town that Hernando was taken to. Mitu is a small, jungle-type town in South Eastern Colombia in the Amazon Basin. It is located right next to the Vaupes River. There are also a lot of birds in the jungle of Mitu!
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Promoting Change

Alberto and his family are trying to get Hernando free from the kidnapping. Now Hernando is been kidnapped but they keep on fighting to get him back. They are fighting by joining peace groups and other groups for people have lost family members to Mitu kidnapping. Ever since Hernando was taken Alberto has changed and is doing everything he possibly can to save his brother. Alberto and his family will not stop fighting along with many many others until their loved ones are free!
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What Alberto hopes for in the Future...

Alberto stated in the story that he hopes for forgiveness in the future. He says that the reason he is carrying on with the peace program because he does not want his brother to come home and see that he just sat back and watched while his brother's life could be in danger. Alberto kept on trying to make a difference. He had little help with any of this project, and was basically on his own. It wasn't easy doing all this by himself, but Alberto stayed patient and continued on his mission to find forgiveness to end the war.
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Fight For Change...

Alberto started fighting for a change because his older brother Hernando was kidnapped and has not returned! Alberto´s brother Hernando was kidnapped after he left school to work as a policeman. His whole family and many friends are fighting to get him back. Alberto and his family were never really involved but once his brother was done they immediately joined many different groups.The family continues to fight because they want Hernando back. The fighting is Alberto is in the peace movement and Colombian Red Cross because he did not want to sit back and do nothing. His mother is in the Asofamilia because she wants justice and for her son to come back safely and alive. This family will not stop fighting for what they believe in.
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Alberto is a Out of War child from Bogota, Colombia. He is a 15 year old boy who has a big family. Alberto has a father, mother, brother, sister, and godfather. Hernando was captured and taken to Mitu, a place in the jungle where Hernando is often very bored. Where Alberto and his family live, so far has not had any wars or attacks. Alberto, his sister, and his brother all have school privileges. Alberto was in a peace movement before his brother got kidnapped. Afterwards, Alberto joined the Colombian Red Cross as a volunteer. Alberto’s mother got involved with Asofamilia, an organization for families of the Mitu kidnap victims.
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Videos and other interesting facts...

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