School News and Events Week of 3/9

Parent/Teacher Conferences, PI Day, No Homework Club

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Dear Parents,

Here's a friendly reminder about the changes to start & dismissal times:

Monday, March 9: 10:02 start time (no Stop & Drop)

Wednesday, March 11 & Thursday, March 12: 2:10 dismissal time

Friday, March 13: 1:00 dismissal time, brunch (early lunch, no snack)

Please keep in mind there will be no Stop&Drop on Monday, March 9th

No Homework Club for the week of 3/9

Please keep in mind that there will be no homework club after school due to parent/teacher conferences. Homework club will resume it's regular schedule the following week of 3/16

Pi Day

We're celebrating Pi Day for the first time ever! Pi is a mathematical constant that expresses the relationship between the diameter of a circle and its circumference. Its first three digits (and there are many!) are 3.14, and so we celebrate it on 3/14 or March 14. Since that's a Saturday, we'll start early and have Pi Day on Friday, March 13. There will be a fair for the kids that will include games, crafts, and food that all involve math or pi/pie. We need parent volunteers to help Student Council run games, set up the fair, and clean up. Thanks in advance if you can help with this fun-filled day - we're hoping you can!

Here's a link if you want to help with the Pi Day assembly:

Pi Day celebration on Friday, March 13th!

Friday, March 13th, our school will be celebrating Pi Day (3.14).

Here are the details:

Our Pi Day celebration will include art activities, physical activities and Pi memorizing. Every child is welcome to memorize as many numbers of Pi as they can (totally optional)! Please use for the number. Children will sign up with their teachers. In each grade, there will be a winner who will win a gift card worth $31.41 (tk is included with kindergarten), and everyone who participates will be eligible for a drawing for some cool prizes.

It's all about fun and the kids will only be up in front of their immediate peers (tk-1st, 2nd & 3rd, 4th and 5th) for the memorizing.

We need parent volunteers for the day, and old CDs for our art project! Please drop off old CDs in the bucket in front of the front hall mural.

And, here is the link to help out with the activities: If you can help with art activities, we need glue guns and glue sticks! So, bring those as well.

If you'd like to watch your child recite pi, the times of the Pi recitation are as follows:

Tk-1st grade - 8:45-9:15

2nd & 3rd - 9:15-9:45

4th & 5th - 9:45-10:15

Finally, each class will be enjoying pie at the end of the day! The day ends at 1 pm because of conferences, so our class pies will be ready to go by 12:20 pm. 4 pies should be enough for each class. Note - they must be store bought! No homemade pies per LAUSD. (Ms. Russo's class will be enjoying apple pies per majority vote :)

Thank you everyone for making our first ever Pi day super fantastic! Any questions, please email Rachel or Julie

Upcoming Events & Days Off School:

March 9 – School starts at 10:02 am (late start due to parent/teacher conferences)

-Girl Scout Meeting@ 2:45pm; Location: Library (Upstairs)

March 9-13 - Parent Teacher Conferences

March 10 - Exec Board Mtg (10 Min. Public Comment) @8:30am; Location- B5

March 11Auction goes live online!

March 13 - Pi Day at our school

-school ends at 1pm
March 21st - Silent Auction @ 5:30-9pm; Location: Phyllis Morris Showroom
March 30-Apr 3 - No School (Spring Break)

April 6 - No School (Cesaer Chavez)
May 8 - 4th Grade Sacramento Field Trip
May 25 - No School (Memorial Day)

June 4 - Last Day of School

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Please let us know if you have questions.

Thank you so much,

Ms. Russo's 4th Grade Room Parents:

Marina Shlimak

Missi Stein