Behavior Expectations

Humanitas Magnet for Interdisciplinary Studies

Humanitas Magnet students are expected to be on time for class and prepared to learn. We know that students who take their work habits seriously are more likely to meet their academic goals. Our common behavior expectations are designed to create an atmosphere of collaboration, respect, personal responsibility, and a positive academic environment.

Student Behavior Expectations

Students are expected to arrive to class on time. Attendance is a priority for all students. When students arrive on time, it demonstrates respect for the class and the instructor. Teachers are required to keep accurate attendance and mark students tardy when they arrive late. Students will be held accountable for their own attendance. Students will not be permitted to arrive late to class with drinks or food.

Students are expected to be prepared. If an assignment is due, students are expected to come to class prepared to turn it in. Students won't be dismissed from class to type or print out the assignment. The library and college office are usually open before school, after school, at nutrition, and at lunch for student assistance.

Students will help eliminate distractions during class time. Cell phones continue to be the biggest student distraction during class time. Unless the teacher has asked students to use their phone for a specific task, phones should be out of sight. If a teacher decides to collect phones, students are expected to willingly hand over their phone for that class period. Ear buds may not be worn during class time.

Positive behavior and work habits are expected of all students. Students who are regularly tardy, unprepared, or distracted during class time may lose the privilege of a shortened school day, TA assignments, field trips, and wearing a stole at graduation.

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