The Road to Perserverance

Julian Billinger

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Some Background Information

Eleanor Roosevelt was born with no love and no care. As she remembers being called from peers an ugly duckling, Eleanor just wanted to be loved, a thing that most children want. As she grew up she started to realize more and more how cruel the world truly is. But all of a sudden she didn't think the world wasn't as cruel, because she fell in love, with her fifth cousin, Franklin D. Roosevelt. As she faced many adversities in her life, for example Franklin soon passed away from cerebral hemorrhage, but Eleanor kept persevering through all of it. Later on when Eleanor passed she was named First Lady of The World for her care for other children.

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and a leader for many soldiers. Before the soldiers then fought Adolf Hitler, Winston fought in the army as well. Today Winston Churchill is known for his his "Never Give In" speech and inspires many children of the world today.

Compare/Contrast (Winston Churchill + Eleanor Roosevelt)

Eleanor Roosevelt’s life is very similar to the overall message of Winston Churchill’s Never Give In speech. A reason that Eleanor’s life is similar to the speech is because Eleanor and the people listening to Winston Churchill’s speech both persevered through tough times. An example of this can be found in the text, “Eleanor Roosevelt” where the text states on page 289, “ She would rather light a candle than curse the darkness.” This relates to Winston Churchill's speech and adversities because Eleanor has been through tough times were she just had to keep her head up and that relates to the soldiers fighting in the war. This means that even through hard times you still have to keep your head up and stand tall. Another reason that Eleanor is related to Winston Churchill’s speech is that both Eleanor and the soldiers have had better days where they felt belonged. This can be found in the text, “ Never Give In” by Winston Churchill. In paragraph 2 the text states, “But we must learn to be equally good at what is short and sharp and long and tough.” This relates to Eleanor’s triumphs and Winston’s speech because even when Eleanor found out that her husband had polio, she still did what was right and even if the situation was bad, Eleanor still found a way to make the situation a lesson or a happy ending note, which is one of the reasons she was given the name, “ First Lady of the World.” This means that everyone has bad days but sometimes you gotta take the anything good out of that day. Eleanor Roosevelt is a good example of triumphs and adversities that she can relate to almost anyone and make their bad days a great day and if she did it with judgement most of her life, then we can too!

Perseverance: To continue to progress through tough or easy times

People have learned many lessons from perseverance. For start, perseverance to others to keep progressing and to face down danger and risks. It has taught people to never yield to anyone or anything. Also it has made people think more deeply about things and to trust themselves when they know the thing that they're doing is right.
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Some Background information

Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to be in Major League Baseball. Jackie is an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of kids. This was during the time period of discrimination towards blacks. Jackie would put the life of a stranger in-front of his own. Even though Jackie was rejected by many because of his race, he still did what he does best- play baseball!

Jackie Robinson: A dream come true!

Jackie Robinson was first another baseball player in the negro leagues. But until Jackie was liked by Branch Rickey, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, he was discriminated by many. Just like everyone else Jackie was an unwanted-talent in the Negro leagues, just waiting to become a major league baseball player. All he wanted was to become one of the lucky whites that were already playing in the majors. Jackie put in work and work just to become one of those always heard about stars. Most of the times he would want to give in and just start talking back, but he knew that the right thing isn't always talking back, he was patient and didn't show a glimpse of him disrespecting anyone. Jackie just wanted to do what was best for everyone, Jackie thought of others in front of himself. And players now don't want to do things for others and just worry about themselves.

Jackie Robinson's Steps to Success!

First Jackie was put into the Negro-League. Where he was a star talent in baseball. Then, Jackie got a call from a man named Branch Rickey, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie immediately answered when he was given a chance of a lifetime. Next, Jackie found himself in a Dodgers jersey within a snap of a finger. But, Jackie then faced many adversities in his life. For example, Jackie was discriminated by the fans of his own team. Also Jackie wasn't allowed to do much and get along with people in the Majors. But, later on the Dodgers started to respect Jackie and his game. Now, Jackie Robinson is a retired national talent and a hero to many. Jackie always thinks outside the box and is always willing to help others.