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Success Academy at Anderson

Upcoming dates

  • 3rd quarter ends March 28th
  • Grades are due March 31st
  • 4th Quarter starts March 30th
  • SPRING HOLIDAY April 15th
  • MID TERM EXAMS April 24th

We Are Here If You Need Us!

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While we hope you and your families can enjoy the time together and share some fun traditions or good food, we also recognize that the holidays can often be a stressful time for many. It is not always joyful.

There can be financial stressors, increased emotions, family drama, and still the additional impact of Covid.

Please check out the Community Cares & Shares link here for resources around KCMO.

If you need anything at all during the holidays, please know our administration team is here to help!

Mr. Lee's personal phone: 816.572.0523

Dr. Johnson's personal phone: 314.604.1281

School Support!

These departments are here to help:

Thank you for connecting with us!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are committed to providing the best education possible for all of our children! Please remember when you call the school at 816-418-5300, it comes directly to Mrs. Freeman in the front office.

Mr. Robert Lee Jr., Ed.S. Principal 816-572-0523

Dr. LeJuan Johnson Associate Principal 314-604-1281

Early College Academy Enrollment

Did you know that KCPS students have the opportunity to earn their high school diplomas AND a two-year associates college degree simultaneously and at no additional charge? We have graduates who do that every year thanks to our Early College Academy (ECA)!

ECA is a partnership between KCPS and Metropolitan Community College - Penn Valley for highly motivated high school students who are ready to leave the high school environment and participate in the rigor of being full-time college students. Students will earn high school credits while also earning college credits as they attend classes, full-time, on a college campus. The ultimate goal is for KCPS students to graduate with both their high school diploma and an associate’s degree. Applications are accepted from sophomores starting January of their Spring semester.

ECA applications are being accepted now for 2021-2022 academic year. Please share this with our families and encourage 10th graders to consider this unique option. They can contact their academic counselors for more information or visit the ECA website. A brochure and enrollment process flyer are also available below.



Success Academy Staff


Mr. Robert Lee Jr. Ed.S-Principal

Dr. LeJuan Johnson-Associate Principal

Instructional Coach

Ms. Ashleigh Koch-Instructional Coach

School Counselor

Ms. Mary Johnson-School Counselor


Mr. Blayne Marshall-Science

Ms. LaDanya Johnson-Science

Dr. Sandra Ross-Media

Mrs. Christina Gupta-Math

Mr. Robert Meade-English Language Arts

Mr. Alexander Bonham-Carter-English Language Arts

Mr. Joseph Ford-Social Studies

Dr. Jason Beavers-Social Studies

Mr. Thomas Lewandowski-Physical Education

Mr. Ralph Williams-Physical Education

Ms. Amy Bell-Exceptional Education

Ms. Kaitlyn Crotty-Exceptional Education

Support Team

Mr. Brian Dunlop-Restorative Justice Coordinator

Ms. Kristen Dua-Clinician

Ms. Mohana Chakrabarti-Social Worker

Mr. Ernest Jones-Paraprofessional

Mr. Guy Ellison-Paraprofessional

Ms. Shirley Sampson-School Nurse

Sgt. Keyren Spiller-First Line Security

Officer-Shandoll Lowery

In Case of Inclement Weather

With colder weather arriving, we have been planning for the potential of snow/inclement weather days and Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) days for the upcoming winter season in KCPS. With this, we wanted to communicate how we will conduct any upcoming snow day plans.

We have two options for inclement weather this year:

  • Snow Day: One option is to have an old-fashioned snow day in which we call off school due to inclement weather. This will be a no school day for students. It will be called a “snow day.” We communicate about snow days either the evening before or the morning of the snow day. We communicate via email, text message, phone call, media and social media.
  • AMI Snow Day: A second option is to have our Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) snow day in which we teach and learn from home, with students participating in Synchronous (live, with the teacher via video conferencing) learning. Students would receive technology devices from school and bring the device home prior to anticipated weather events so that they can learn from home. This is similar to our distance learning plan from our COVID protocols.

The implementation of a possible AMI Snow Day outside of the classroom benefits all of our students. This option will be used when sufficient notice has been provided and we are able to deploy technology to go home with all students ahead of time.


  • 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. – Teacher Planning
  • 9:00 – 12:00 p.m.
    • Greeting – Review and summary of the day’s assignments. This will be Synchronous (live, with the teacher, via video conferencing).
    • Students will complete review assignments in each content area.

Again, we will clearly communicate snow day plans as winter weather arrives. Remember that the winter weather in Kansas City can be complicated, and we monitor winter weather closely. We do our best to provide notice to families as quickly as we can during these weather conditions.

Thank you for helping us navigate this new option for snow day use.

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