The Weekly Roar

December 4, 2021

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It's Parent Conference Time!

Hello La Ballona Families,

It's Parent Conference Time. On December 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, and 14 school will be dismissed at 1:45. One of the most important times of the year for your child's education is when you meet with the teacher for a parent conference. As partners, teachers and parents must work together constantly, and the parent conference is a perfect time to come together to discuss progress and next steps. Here are some tips to help you have a successful parent-teacher conference.

Before the Meeting

  • Find out your conference time and mark it in your calendar so that you do not miss your time.
  • Make sure your technology device is prepared for the Zoom meeting.
  • Regularly read all the correspondence from the teacher and the school. In this way, you are aware of the basics, and your conference can fully focus on your child's progress.
  • If you are meeting at the school, be sure to bring your vaccination record so that you can come on campus.

During the Meeting

  • Ask clarifying questions so that you truly understand.
  • Be honest and share any concerns you may have so that we can work together.
  • Take notes. You'll be getting a lot of information all at once. It'll be helpful to have notes to refer back to.

After the Meeting

  • Follow up with your child with any necessary next steps
  • Show your appreciation to the teacher. Your positive reinforcement will go a long way.
  • Stay involved. Continue to read the Weekly Roar and the teacher's communication.

Most importantly, it's essential for all of us to recognize that we all want the same thing: a successful educational experience for your child. Keeping an open mind and a willingness to work together to problem-solve ensures that your La Ballona Lion will have the best outcome during this very difficult school year.

Thank you,

Dr. Becky Godbey

Stay PAWSitive

Dr. Becky Godbey


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-Kinder playground

-Brought to you by La Ballona PTA.

The La Ballona PTA will offer 6 days of after school care during parent teacher conferences. For $10/day ($5/day for each additional sibling) you can be carefree to leave your child(ren) in their own school environment with supervision from parent volunteers. Please write a note if you can volunteer. Volunteers get one free day of babysitting for each day of volunteering, up to three days. Volunteers must be Covid vaccinated and a copy of their vaccine card will be kept on file at the office.

Please Fill out the form below and submit payment to the front office. Make checks payable to La Ballona PTA.

If you have any questions or need further information, contact Laura Loo at or text 310-433-8439. No childcare on Wednesdays. PTA babysitting will be cancelled if there is rain.

English/Spanish Online form:

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The Month of December

Important Dates (New Dates in Bold)

December 6- Parent Conference Week, Dismissal is 1:45

December 7- Parent Conference Week, Dismissal is 1:45

December 7- Volunteer Orientation Meeting via Zoom, 9am

December 8- Minimum Day, Dismissal is 1:45

December 9- Parent Conference Week, Dismissal is 1:45

December 9- District Elementary Concert

December 10- Parent Conference Week, Dismissal is 1:45

December 13- Parent Conference Week, Dismissal is 1:45

December 14- Parent Conference Week, Dismissal is 1:45

December 15- Minimum Day, Dismissal is 1:45

December 16- REGULAR DISMISSAL, 3:15

December 17- Minimum Day, Dismissal is 1:45

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Covid Testing Continues each Tuesday

Dear CCUSD staff and families:

We are ready to go with the new COVID testing provider - Living Fit Nation (LFN). Testing will begin next week for all staff and students, with the first week (similar to the last rollout) acting as our pilot to make sure everything runs smoothly. We will monitor the registration status to ensure everyone is registering and contacting those who do not.

To be tested this Tuesday (12/7), you must be registered by Saturday 11/4 at 8:00pm.

Registration for this system is similar to the last one with several improvements:

  • One parent email is able to register multiple students
  • Once registered, you are set - no need to “order tests”
  • Assistance is available directly from LFN
  • Step by step instructions are attached here to assist you

You will have to provide insurance information if available, as billing is done the same way. LFN will bill insurance if available and if not will bill the Federal grant program, which is why they need further information if you select “no insurance”. You will never be charged anything for these tests.

With this new provider, we will be able to do all the testing in one day. The schedule for now will be Tuesdays:

  • All elementary schools and OCD first thing in the morning until 10:00am

For more information, please go to the district website: 2020-2021 Updates & Communications - ES: COVID-19 / Distance Learning - Culver City Unified School District (

Click on the video to show your child what to do.

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Arrival Time Reminders

In the mornings, we have very limited supervision. We need your help. Please help us help your children by following these guidelines.

  • Please do not arrive before 8am on Washington Boulevard. There is no supervision for your children.
  • At 8am, the front entrance is available for students needing breakfast. Breakfast is free for all students
  • If your family has breakfast at home, please do not arrive until 8:35. We have limited supervision in the mornings.
  • The best time to arrive is 8:35-8:40. Enter through the back gate. (except Kinder)
  • Remind your student to sit or stand in line by their class number. Due to safety and supervision, the morning is not a play time.

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La Ballona Volunteer Opportunities- New Date!

As you may have heard, CCUSD is now allowing cleared volunteers to support our campus! Before anyone can volunteer, all prospective volunteers must attend a Volunteer Orientation Meeting. We will hold our first orientation meeting Tuesday, December 7th at 9:00-10:00 via Zoom. At this meeting, you'll learn how to become a cleared volunteer and the protocols volunteers will follow. If you are interested in volunteering, please attend this meeting. If you cannot come to this meeting, there will be additional orientation meetings after Thanksgiving Break. Having volunteers on campus will certainly make school feel one step closer to "normal".

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 811 0175 8236

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SSC Meeting Tuesday- New Date

Our School Site Council meeting is Tuesday, December 14th at 3:30. The School Site Council is a governing group that helps our school make decisions about the school budget. Next week's agenda is below.
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Square 1 Art - can still be ordered all year long!

Great news everyone, if you still want to put in an order (anytime of the year) through 'Square 1 Art', then absolutely do anytime! Just use your Art Access Code that came with your child's project and order it online at Square 1 Arts website.

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La Ballona Community Rewards!

How your daily spending can make money for La Ballona.

**Did you know that your weekly shopping can turn into money for our school at no extra cost to you? Is Amazon one of your favorite online places to shop? By taking 1 minute to designate La Ballona Elementary School as your charity and making your Amazon purchases on ‘Amazon Smile’ instead of Amazon, you’ll be donating to La Ballona and it’s at absolutely no extra cost to you.

Amazon Smile contributes .05% of your sale to La Ballona. Prices on are identical to so it’s of no extra cost to you.

Here’s how:
Go to and enter your Amazon login information
In the “or pick your own charitable organization” field, type in La Ballona PTA and click select.

Now La Ballona is your designated charity! When you shop and/or want to finalize your Amazon purchases, sign into on your computer or use the Amazon Smile App on your cell phone and you will have access to your shopping cart and all the same inventory and prices.
**please note that purchases completed on or thru your regular amazon app on your mobile phone do not support donations to the schools PTA (must be the “amazon smile app” that is FREE to download)

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Help still needed for our after school Cone Crew!

We still need more volunteers to help our after school cone crew from 2:45pm-3:30pm (either Thursday OR Friday) to help with the new "pick up" in the afternoons. CAN YOU VOLUNTEER ONCE A WEEK (45 MINUTES) TO HELP KEEP THIS GOING SMOOTHLY?

All volunteers must be vaccinated as well, thank you so much from La Ballona and the PTA board.

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In honor of its 40th anniversary funding district-wide programs for every CCUSD student, Culver City Education Foundation has a goal of raising $40,000 in 40 days (November 22-December 31). To help celebrate this milestone year, we invite you to make a gift of $400 per student, or $40/month as a sustaining gift: Support today to sustain and grow vital arts, STEM and college preparedness programs at your school - today and for the next 40 years!
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Mental Health Workshops for Spanish Speaking Families

The promoters from LA County Department of Mental Health are excited to begin their mental health workshops for our Spanish speaking families in CCUSD. These workshops are held in spanish. Look below for the schedule.
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