Physical Therapist

Human Services

Job Duties or Responsibilities

1. Help injured people improve their moment and manage pain

2. Review patients' medical history

3. Diagnose patients' dysfunctional movements

4. Set up plan of care for patients

5. Educate patients about what to expect from and how to copewiththerecovery process

Work Enviroment

You work indoors in hospitals, clinics, offices, health agencies, schools, and fitness facilities.

Personality Characteristics Needed for This Job

1. Must be good with people

2. Must be encouraging

3. Have physical stamina

4. Must be resourceful

Advice To Give Someone Who Might Want This Job

Ifyou want this job you should try hard in school and be respectful to others and caring. Also know a lot of seemingly useless facts

3 Positve Aspects of the Job

1. I get to work with people

2. You have to be in shape so I get to work out

3. Good pay

3 Negative Aspects of the Job

1. Have to work with people

2. Have to make plans

3. Might have to massage people