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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday

After the frenzy of holiday shopping officially commenced on Black Friday and gathered steam on Cyber Monday, we hope you will consider Giving Tuesday, a philanthropic initiative designed to create a national movement around giving on December 2. Those of us who work in schools know how important every donation of time and money can be.

Learn more about how to participate in Giving Tuesday and please consider making a donation to your favorite organizations as the year comes to a close.

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Access key links to PCSC flyers & fundraisers

Event flyers for youth sports, community activities and school fundraisers in the Plainfield area.

Infographic on Parental Distraction

Millennials get a bad rap for being too glued to their smartphones, but children ages 6-12 say their parents paying more attention to their phones than to them is an issue, as well. The popular children’s magazine, Highlights, conducted its annual State of the Kid survey and released findings in October. The survey asks children questions about topical issues, and this infographic displays their responses to the issue of parental distraction. We all know how important and effective face-to-face communication can be, but this perspective through the eyes of a child might hit home a little harder and encourage adults to put down the phone more frequently.

Financial education for kids

The upcoming holiday season is a great opportunity to check in with your kids about money issues and responsible financial choices. Greater consumer spending for gift giving opens the door to conversations about budgeting, credit card debt and savings.

When surveyed, many college students with student loans support requirements for financial education prior to student loan approval.

The same survey of students by the National Financial Educators Council showed that more than 65 percent of teens believe that parents should take primary responsibility for teaching kids about money.

Fortunately, there are many helpful resources online to cover the basics, such as balancing a checkbook, credit card interest, fees and repayment, budgets and savings.

Take a look at tips in the parent's guide to kids and money published by CNN Money. Help put your children on the road to handling money responsibly.


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