A Communist Dictator: Fidel Castro

By Nathan Houston

Essential Question

Has Fidel Castro been mistakingly classified as an evil man?

Fidel Castro's Biographical Profile

Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926 the son a wealthy spanish planter. Educated by jesuits and moved on to study law in college.practiced law and would help the poor for free.Castro then was a candidate for prime minister spot but lost elections to army leader Batista.Castro then planned an attack on Batista and failed, but when Castro came to power he installed ballistic missiles in cuba that threaten the united states trying to prevent the U.S. from taking him out of power.

Fidel Castro Video

Cuban Missile Crisis

video analyze

The cuban missile crisis was the moment when the united states questioned and judged the power of Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro had only made the judgement on himself more solid, and forced the U.S. to go to drastic measures. The United states almost attacked cuba, and because of the crisis Castro has a reputation for being the man he was classified as. The United States didn't mistakingly judge Castro as an evil man, however at the brink of a nuclear war he was more than an evil man. Castro has many totalitarian characteristics such as physical appearance, using the military to gain power, gained support from Russia, and gave personal sacrifices.

Castro's dreams

Castro's Cuban missiles made JFK mad,

But when the U.S. found out it made Russia sad.

Russia's plan had failed for world control,

but left life in the hands of an old troll.

Castro was a nice man,

but has lost his tan.

when JFK had a plan it made him a man,

but made Russia sit and demand.

Castro lost support from Russia,

and made him a little blusher.

Castro had a dream of world power,

but found he was an evil tower.

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