Digital Portfolio Help

Make your portfolio stand out in a crowd

Visual Consumers

Today's culture is extremely visual, and so aesthetics are a very important but often overlooked aspect of digital portfolios. Organization is another component of portfolio creation that people often struggle with. Whether you're just unsure how to move a page where you want it or you want a second opinion on 'the look' of your portfolio, I would love to help you make it stand out as professional and appealing!

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What Should I Use?

I highly recommend using Weebly, both for your sanity and the quality of the end result. Although it may be something new, it is much more intuitive than Google Sites and much more navigable. Embrace growth mindset and try something new! It's not too late to switch, and with copy & paste it can be done faster than you think!

Hannah Wright

Please contact me via Twitter or email to find a time to get together. Tuesdays and Thursdays before 2:30 are generally the best times for me, but I'm also available most evenings.