Entry requirements

Entry requirements for the British Army

Many people would like to serve their country by joining the army, however there are recruitment requirements that must be met by the applicant. If you sent your application, you will have to pass a lot of tests such as:

-Medical tests

-Maths/English tests

-Physical tests

If you are applying to become a soldier, you need to be 18 years old (if you are under 18 parents permission is needed) to become an officer you must be 18-26 years old. For the job of a soldier there are no qualifications that are needed, unless you apply to become an officer which requires 7 GCSE's at grade C or better, 35 ALIS points and 240 UCAS Tariff points from at least 2 A level passes at grade A-E, and these are just minimum qualifications needed. You needed good physical condition, so the army will ask you to go to your GP and ask you to fill a medical questionnaire and pass army medical tests. Both male/female can apply to join the army at the rank of soldier or officer. And lastly you need to be British or Commonwealth citizen to join the army or an Irish National.

During the joining process the candidates will be asked to complete and pass recruitment tests. Here is a full list of them and what they involve:

-Numeracy test- of course you dont need to be some kind of mathematics genius to join the army but you must have the minimal maths knowledge.

-Literacy tests- it is very important that you can communicate with your team in different ways, the literacy test tests your reading and writing skills.

-Technical selection test- the army uses a lot of new technology and soldiers must know basic knowledge of how to use it, maintain and repair it. Questions in this test are simmilar to GCSE Maths questions.

-Memory test- this is important test as in the army you will be expected to remember a lot of important information, its important than you can store the information and use it later when needed.

-Teamwork tests- teamwork is essential part of the army this test will show what kind of team player you are and how well you work with other people. Every job you pick in the army, you will be required to work with others so the army wants to see how well you work in a team.

Medical requirements

If you suffer from any disease or illness you might not be accepted into the army. The medical requirements are important as the army needs soldiers that are not just physically and mentally fit, but also healthy.

You might not be accepted if you suffer/have the following:

-Asthma, Chronic lung disease, Active tuberculosis

-Spinal surgery, Lower back pain, Spina bifida

-Bone or joint problems

-Eye disorder

-Ear disorders

-Abdominal problems

-Neurological disorders

-Skin problems

-Blood diaseses

-Psychiatric problems

-Other conditions e.g. nut allergy etc.


Physical requirements

The army has quite high physical requirements compared to other public services such as fire service or police. Here is a list of the standard fitness requirements for the British Army (note: the reqirements may differ on the job you have applied for, the ones described underneath are requirements for a soldier and officer, if you have applied for job of e.g. parachuter they will be higher):

Officer- Male Female

Beep test| Level 10.2 Level 8.1

Sit ups| 50 in 2 minutes 50 in 2 minutes

Press ups| 44 in 2 minutes 21 in 2 minutes

These tests are to check how good your cardio-vascular fitness is.



There will be 2 selection days in which your stamina and strength will be tested.

There are 3 tests that must be passed they are:

Static lift- You will have to pick up a bag and place it on a 1.45m wall, the weight of the bad may differ from 15-40 kilograms. How heavy the bag is depends on the job you have applied for.

Jerry can test- For this test you will need to carry 2 water containers which weigh 20 kilograms each, you will need to carry them for a set course of 60-150 meters the distance may also vary- it depends on the job you applied for.

2.4km/1.5 mile run- This one is simple, the goal is to complete the run in a set time, the time given for the run to be completed depends on the job you applied for e.g. paratroopers will have less time to complete the run than any other soldier who applied for other job. For junior entry you have 14 minutes 30 seconds to complete the run.

Other requirements

You need to be at least 16 years old to apply as a soldier, or 18 or over to apply for job of officer. Both soldiers and officers need to be British citizens to apply, you must have lived in the UK at least 5 years before applying to the army. You also need to be "British protected person". You can join if you are Citizen of the Irish Republic.