Indian Food

By: Ian Jacobs

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The people who live here are Indians or Asians. The climate is mostly always hot and dry. It is a very tourist country for it's food and buildings. The income is 1,600 per year.

Cultural info

The music they listen to is indian music. India has the largest democracy in the world. More than a million Indians are millionaires off of owning banks.

Political Information

The Government of India known as the Union Government and was established by the Constitution of India and is the power of the lead of 29 states.

Famous event

Kite festival happens every year. It's when the people of India make and let go thousands of kites to light up the sky and put there burden on those kites to send them up to heaven.

Famous people

Ghandi, and the great Khali, Shah ruka khan, salman khan.
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Overview of India This is a overview of the country India and its people, livestock, scenery, food and everything

Food History

There most common dish is Spicy rice dish with vegetables or chicken, and fish. Mostly use deep fried chicken in there meals. They have always served very spicy foods with lots of rice and different types of meats. Mostly topped with sometime of sauce thats sweet or spicy.

Favorite recipe

Here is the link to my favorite food called Rogan Josh
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