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Karyn Calabrese (USA)

Karyn's Health Information Seminar

Karyn Calabrese declares “she is not special”. Yet it is undeniable, she has a special gift...

Many people look at Karyn at 66 and assume she inherited a strong matriarchy. The facts are, however, that both her mother and grandmother died at ages younger than Karyn is now. With this seeming fate at hand, she sets out to prove her genetic heredity wrong. This is where her story begins.

Alone with two children to raise, she bought her first wheatgrass juicer and opened a new life of growth and prosperity with her first business, growing and distributing wheatgrass. More importantly this began her life-long exploration into the inter-connectedness between food and body and the ultimate attainment of self-insurance and inner peace.

Karyn had been a vegetarian for 12 years, but this was merely a first step leading towards a completely raw food diet. No doubt this is a tough life to come to. It is out of the “norm” and denies what we have so long held as “truths”. To make this more feasible, Karyn opened her raw-foods restaurant, Karyn’s Fresh Corner, which was a thriving success.

She believes it is not enough to simply eat live foods but to cleanse the body of the strong, negative, anti-life foods still in the body. Today, Karyn teaches detoxification classes through the year to give these lessons to others.

This is where we find Karyn today. A 66 year old woman and “Raw Foodist of the Year” who lives the full, lively life she envisioned giving herself. And this is what, contrary to what she declares, does indeed make her special. She has created an all-encompassing environment of food, health, guidance and care where we can all participate in our own well being.

Karyn's webinar Intro

Welcome to Karyn's Fresh Corner Cafe, Raw Vegan Gourmet Restaurant

We do consider this to be a vegan restaurant however some items do contain honey and we do use organic raw honey from local beekeepers. We may not meet the strict definition of the word "vegan", but we do strive to serve healthy food.

Cafe & Market

Raw Vegan Gourmet

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The Power of Detox By Karyn Calabrese

The 30 Day Raw Food Detox


Hi Karyn,
I wanted to thank you again for your information and support during my cleanse. I made it to Day 23 and am very pleased with my improved energy levels, skin condition, clarity, weight loss and improved candida levels- I can now drink the rejuvelac and am continuing on with the candida cleansing for two more months.


Terry, August 2012

Please show these to Karyn and let her know I am so thankful that she helped me gain my health back. That fact that she believed that I could do it really helped me. The detox woke me up who I used to be. I used to be vegan for a reason. I loved animals, loved being healthy and looking great. Going to med school and eating dairy under stress got me to that first photo! Unbelievable. I've never had a weight problem til I started eatind dairy!!! Karyn lifted the veil off my eyes and I woke up to who I used to be. I am so thankful and let her know that she has a place in my heart. I am one month into being an doctor and have managed to keep my weight down....and still eating about 95-99% raw! I'll have roasted seaweed a few times a week because it's so easy to carry in my purse!
Thanks to you too for all of your help during the detox!! Your recommendations were awesome! I loved meeting you and hope we keep in

-Bee, May 2012

Thank you for being such a great facilitator. I enjoyed and got so much out of the "chatter" as one attendee put it. It is actually as important as the protocol because I hear what others have experienced and often times I respond with a revelation that the same thing was happening to me but I had been unconscious about it. Hearing others report their findings also helped me to be encouraged about what is possible for me if I keep going through the layers of toxicity. So I thank you for making "chatter" a part of the sessions.
I didn't have any miracles happen to me expect that the Oil Of Oregano really helped me with the pain in my side. It might just be caused by gas. Also, I breathe better and my meditation is more focused. Perhaps after fasting, I will see the results spiritually. My skin is clear and bright. I lost my taste for coffee. Unfortunately, I was not very sharp in fact I forgot names but I suppose that is just a part of my process and that it will get better. I am a bit lethargic because I continued to take my medication. Perhaps now the dose is too much. Also, I became so creative. I will be back in July and October for more rounds but I will definitely stay raw as long as I can.
Recently, the doctors found a tumor on my kidney but it turned out to be benign. It was a fatty tumor. I plan to continue a raw diet because I am afraid that tumors can turn malignant with an unhealthy body. I have scoliosis and it has been uncomfortable for me to sit and stand tall but with the increased flexibility it has become more comfortable to straighten up.
I am so happy I live in Chicago and can attend classes and benefit from your expertise and the book is a gem.
-Sandra, May 2012

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Karyn's Health Information Seminar

Thursday, Sep. 12th, 8pm

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For Over 20 years Karyn has been teaching and counseling individuals and running workshops showing people the practical holistic ways to improve their lives, convoying the important of food choice and how to prepare those tasty nutrition foods for themselves at home. Now its your turn by joining us both live you get the opportunity upfront on your desktop.Also do come with your questions too.

8pm (GMT) 3PM (Chicago time)

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