Mongolian Economy

By Kallen Kelsheimer


The Mongolian Tugrik

  • 1 US Dollar=$1,887.97 Mongolian Turgiks
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Country GDP(PPP)

$17.03 billion

Country GDP Per-Capita


Percent Below Poverty Line


Imports and Exports

An import is bringing in goods or services into a country, and an export is sending goods or services out to different places. Their imports and exports are worth:

Imports: $5.696 billion

Exports: $4.294 billion

Problem when Imports are More Than Exports

The problem with this is that they owe more than they are getting for what they are exporting. They will have to make up the money, and if they can't, they will be in debt.

Mongolian Economy

Mongolia's economy has relied solely on agriculture and herding has changed over the past few years. It has a good mining system, where they can get gold, silver, iron and export it to other countries. Mongolia's economy has recently gone into a deep recession, fro natural disasters and trouble in politics. Mongolia seeks to expand their economy, and get people more jobs. Mongolia's economy is very diverse, and trying to stay together.

Final Paragraph

Mongolia has really amazed me. There are so many things about Mongolia's economy that I didn't know about. I never realized that their money was called a Mongolian Tugrik. I also didn't know that they were really good at mining, and that it is one of their main jobs. This project has really opened my eyes to new things, and I think I deserve an A.