Moral Dilemma

Is There a Right Answer in a Moral Dilemma?

Who Am I

My name is Django but know to my peers as Curtis Jordan. I'm a sophomore at F.L Schlagle High School. I enjoy listening to music. I really dislike people but i also enjoy being there for people(I know that's weird. Me as a person I feel like I'm better off alone. One of my biggest pet peeves is being loud for no reason and people who seek attention.

Essential Question

I chose this question because I wanted to research something that I never have really focused on before. I like trying new things, and philosophy is something I'm very interested in.

Explantion of the Topic

What Do I Already Know About This Topic?
What I already know about this topic is that it falls under the category of philosophy. Basically a moral decisions upon two or more conflicts.
What I Hope To Gain?
I hope to gain a wiser mind set, and answer to questions that i have.

What I Hope Others Will Gain From This Topic?
I hope others viewing this will gain thoughts making them think out side of their shell and try to expand their mind

My Process

A moral dilemma is a conflict in which you have to choose between two or more actions and have moral reasons for choosing each action.

Searching through many articles about this subject, i figured a moral dilemma is one of those things you that there's no answer to. I say that because from all the example about a moral dilemma, there was choices that you had to make and even though they were messed up choices, you still had to make that choice.

People Face A Terrifying Moral Dilemma
Would You Kill Baby Hitler? (And Other Psychopathic Musings, with Kevin Dutton)

Future Steps

My future steps is to search for this topic more thoroughly, I want to do that because I feel theres is to learn and research about moral dilemma's and any other topics relating to this subject. Research I think I should search for is of men who were known wise man thoughts surrounding this topic.


Final Answer

No, from searching through out various articles i came to the conclusion that there isn't a right answer to a moral dilemma.

Overall Process

My process overall has been coming along very well. Im still a little bit confused on what genius hour is, but i know I'm doing all the work so it should be coming out good.

I feel doing the research this way help a lot because it was a challenge to try something new for some who never used smore before. It gives you a chance to work in a different environment and I personally like doing this.


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