Photoshop Liquify Tool Fail!

-Torii Harris

My Opinion

Honestly, who on earth would want to be as skinny as a pencil? What good is it going to do, in the first place? NONE. Exactly. So, why did Ralph Lauren make Christina Aguilera look like a twig? Beats me. Like, honestly, she even said she was "embracing her womanly curves" so why make her go against her word JUST to get a "good" picture for the cover. I'd rather be thick and beautiful over thin and looking like i'm from a community of malnutrition.

Christina Aguilera

She's beautiful as a thick curvy women.

Men, are usually the ones to edit pictures to make women look skinny, saying that's what they call beautiful, are very demeaning. Thick girls need love to. I fully stand by my opinion, it's good to have a little meat on your bones. More men need to open there eyes and realize there's more to a beautiful women than her pencil like figure and barbie doll make up.