Matapu School Newsletter

Term 1, Week 1, 4th February 2022

Calendar - Please note some new dates added & further information for events will be sent home closer to the date if required.

  • Monday 7th February - Waitangi Day observed, school closed
  • Monday 14th February - BOT Meeting, 5:30pm
  • Wednesday 23rd February - School Athletics Day
  • Tuesday 8th March - School Swimming Sports
  • Wednesday 9th March - Whanau Goal Setting Conferences
  • Monday 14th March - Taranaki Anniversary, school closed
  • Friday 25th March - Junior School Triathlon
  • Thursday 14th April - Last Day of Term 1

Principal's Weekly Update

RAISE Goal: to greet friends, staff, and parents on arrival

Te reo phrase of the week: tino pai to mahi (good work)

Kia ora,

A big welcome to all of our new and returning families for 2022! We have had such a wonderful week. The students are full of energy and have had a great time settling into their new classes, going for plenty of swims, and catching up with their mates. Our transition to the ‘Red’ setting has gone really well. Our students have been remembering to wear masks and sanitise their hands throughout the day, while our parents/caregivers have done an amazing job of collecting their children at the school gates.

Term 1 Events

The current ‘Red’ setting of the Covid Protection Framework seems like it might be here to stay for quite some time. As we have done for the last two years, we’ll continue to see this as a challenge to overcome and try to complete as many of our usual activities as possible (always whilst keeping our students’ and staffs’ safety at the top of our list). Therefore we are currently planning for our Athletics Day and Swimming Sports to take place. However the events will be split into junior/senior sessions and no spectators will be able to attend. We will do our best to take plenty of photos to share with you following the day’s action. This is definitely not an ideal situation, but we duly have to adhere to the current requirements to keep our tamariki safe.

Drink Bottles

Mel Harding-Tito, owner of Melza’s Customs, has kindly donated a named drink bottle for every child in the school! This is super cool as our drinking fountains have had to be turned off lately due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Check out our happy recipients from Room 2 below.


We are very pleased to have secured Ben McLeod to be our guitar teacher again this year. The cost will be $120 per term (based on a 10 week term) per student. Can you please email me (ASAP) at if you would like to sign your child up for guitar lessons as they start next Tuesday 8th February.

Kia pai to wiki (have a wonderful weekend).

Ngå mihi nui

James Willson

Big picture

School Notices

School Leaders

Congratulations to Jake Brady, Anya Hunt, James Willson and Sydnee Coomey who are our School Leaders for 2022

Well Done!!

All other leadership roles will be announced next week.

Values Awards

Room 1 - Aroha (absent) for looking to include others in her group

Room 2 - Sophie for Ambition, you have made a fantastic start to 2022!

Room 3 - Lucinda for wonderful manners and respect towards all her peers

Room 4 - Krystal for being super helpful in Room 4 and being a kind friend

Room 5 - Luke showing our RAISE goal and greeting everyone in the morning

Room 6 - Calais for showing respect for everyone in class. Well Done!!


Korihi ake nga manu, takiri mai te ata ka ao, ka ao, ka awatea.

Tihei mauri ora!

The birds call, a fresh day unfurls, a new dawn.

The promise of a new day!

Pool Update

Unfortunately due to covid restrictions the pool continues to remain closed to the community.

Students will continue to swim with their classes each day but outside of school hours the pool is closed.

Room 1

We have had a great start to Term One. It is so awesome having all of the kids back fresh and ready to start the year. We have hit the ground running and learning tips on our iPad, we started out learning to take a slo-mo video of throwing, kicking or hitting a balloon full of water to capture the moment it bursts on our iPads and edit the clip to slow down the ‘impact point’. Ask your child to show you what they have created. If they make some more at home I’d love to see them.

Room 2

We were so excited to get back to school, reconnect with friends and develop new relationships! We welcomed Violet to Matapu School, she is a lovely girl who has quickly made friends. This week has all been about developing routines, learning classroom expectations and learning to work together as teams. The class have had multiple Aumangia Taima challenges where they have had to problem solve, such as: Creating the tallest plastic cup tower, creating the best parachute and building a tasty tower! I am so impressed with the maturity of our pupils, they have adapted to wearing a mask so well. Although we would all agree that we would prefer not to - keeping ourselves, our Whanau and our communities safe is worth the discomfort.

In Week 2 we will be moving more into normal class routines; homework will be sent home and some grouping may occur. We have also taken on a weekly challenge against Miss Rawcliffe's class - although we may not have been champions this week - we are coming at them again next week!!

Room 3

Welcome back to school for 2022. We have begun the year with relationship building and learning new rules and routines in Room 3. The weather has been so hot and muggy, so we have been loving our swim time each day!

Room 4

What a fantastic first week we have had learning lots about each other and starting the new school year by working together as a team. The pool has been a big hit and it has been great to see our students remembering how to swim safely and have fun. Have a great Waitangi Day on Sunday and holiday on Monday.

Room 5

Wow! It has been awesome to see everyone at school and catching up with their friends. We have had a great week, learning all of the class routines and expectations, along with some fun activities about getting to know Miss B. On Wednesday we created a picture graph with how we felt about coming back to school. Most people were either excited or nervous to come back to school.

Room 6

What a wonderful week we have had so far in Room 6! We welcomed Stanley, Percy, Kaleb, Tane, Beauden, Chad, Aaliyah, Maddeline and Starlet to Matapu School and we are thrilled to have Calais and Miharu back and ready to be great role models for the newbies!

Everyone has settled into the class routines really quickly. There is always a lot to learn at the start and it can get a bit confusing so if you have any concerns please let me know!

Today we have shared our first day with Mrs Martinez and I’m sure your little person will be buzzing with all the exciting things they have done with her. A great end to the first week.

Have a lovely long weekend, take time to enjoy the world around you and stay safe!

Community Notices

Northfuels Fuel for Schools

Fuel for Schools is a school sponsorship programme aimed at supporting rural schools throughout New Zealand.

As a Northfuels customer, you can nominate a participating school to receive 50cents for every 100 litres of bulk fuel that you have delivered.

For more information

Freephone: 0800 999 986



We would like to thank those members of the community who are currently contributing to our school, thank you to:

Western Heights Partnership

Clark and Everitt Partnership

M.R Cleaver Trust

Danza Trust

Sion Trust

Opua Road Farm Ltd

Trec Trust

AJ and JL Dettling

Reckless Ltd

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Netball Taranaki - Preparing for Reps

8 week program, starting 8th February, $40.00pp

Click link to register:


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