6th Grade News


3/7-3/11 Spring Break

3/17 Book Battle

3/17 Guest Speakers for Math

4/15 Medieval Times field trip


Here is a copy of the letter that was sent home with your student on Thursday, 3/3. If you need another copy, please e-mail Mrs. Atchison.

March 3, 2016

Dear Parents,

The 6th grade classes have been studying the Middle Ages and will be going on a field trip on Friday, April 15, to Medieval Times in Dallas. They will be served a four-course meal and be entertained by a realistic jousting tournament.

Each ticket costs $31; however, because of our fundraising results, each student will only need to pay $15.00 for their ticket. Please have your child’s $15 IN CASH -- in an envelope or a baggie with your child’s name on it -- to the school as soon as possible but no later than Friday, March 25. The balance will be paid by VAMS 6th grade. Your student can give their money to any of the 6th grade teachers or the school office.

Parents are welcome to attend. If you decide to join us, the price of your ticket will be $31 payable IN CASH to the school office by Friday, March 25.

Field Trip Parent Release Form
A copy of the Field Trip Parent Release Form is attached. If your child is attending AND returning to the school on the school bus, you DO NOT need to fill out this form.

If you plan to leave Medieval Times with your child in your vehicle OR if you want your child to ride home with another parent, you MUST fill out this Parent Release Form. If they’re leaving with you, you can fill out that form on the day of the field trip. If you’re giving permission for them to leave with SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOU, you MUST fill out that form and have it approved by Mr. Coleman by Thursday, April 14.

Medieval Times no longer accepts reservations or payment from individual on a school matinee day, so if you wish to attend with your student, you must to make your reservations through the school by the due date of Friday, March 25. If we do not receive money for parents who wish to go by that day, you will not be able to attend.

If payment for your child creates a hardship and your student is unable to attend for that reason, please let us know as soon as possible so arrangements can be made. We wish for every student to attend.

There will be souvenirs such as T-shirts, programs, pictures, etc., for your child to purchase. This cost is not included in the price of the ticket. Your child will need to bring extra money if he/she wants to buy souvenirs.

Please complete the bottom portion of this letter and the attached Field Trip Parent Release Form (if necessary), and return it plus the cash amount to one of the 6th grade teachers or to the school office no later than Friday, March 25. We must know the exact number of students that will be attending Medieval Times in order to purchase the tickets. If you indicate your child will attend and they do not, you may be asked to reimburse us for the cost of the ticket.

Thank you,

The 6th Grade Team

Reading-Mrs. Sevarino

Students will be battling at their next Book Battle Tournament on Thursday, March 17th. They are very excited! I am in need of about 6-8 parent volunteers to score at different stations. I have 1 person that has volunteered to help, so if you're available I'd LOVE the help! It would be from 8:15-10:45am on 3/17. Please let me know if you are available:)!

Students did very well on their quarter 3 test and was happy with all their hard work! They took the last year STAAR which was very difficult but had 90% pass and 20% commended! I will be pulling small groups, (3-4 students) at a time and target their specific skill they didn't master.

Students need to be reading their 2nd semester BOOK OF CHOICE that will be due on May 9th to start working on turning their chapter book into a children's book. We will then go to VAE to read to the elementary students.

Have a wonderful SPRING BREAK:)!!!

Language Arts -- Mrs. Atchison

HEAR YE! YEAR YE! We have FINISHED our research papers!!! I hereby grant every 6th grade student one week of vacation to celebrate the completion of a job well done!

Have a great Spring Break, everyone!

Science -- Coach Murray

We just finished our unit on space, and now your students should know LOTS about the solar system we live in.

Have a GREAT Spring Break!

Social Studies -- Mrs. Edmondson

Our unit on Africa is finished. Looking forward to visiting South America after the break!

Math - Mrs. Rogers

Fishing for 100!

We are starting a new challenge when we get back from Spring Break. Please be on the look out for the home Cheat Sheet and challenge information. The Fishing for 100 challenge is a 5-week challenge - please do not have you child complete the whole list in one night!!!! This is an ongoing process for them to get more confident in their simplifying skills.

We are continuing our work with expressions, equations, and inequalities as well as starting our geometry unit.

Tutorials are available in the mornings at 7:40 and after school if students are interested in extra help or need to make up missing assignments.

Have a fun and restful break!