Hello February!

Well-Oiled News 2016

Happy February!

My Jan highlights were our oldest daughter's birthday on the 13th (Erika) and having a Valentine make & take oils class with Clara and her friends this last weekend. Somehow I made it through Jan without hibernating the WHOLE month and am ready for Feb!

I'd like to welcome all the new members to our team!

Mary Ann Valdemoro, Allison Brown, Kathi Comstock, Anna Hagen, Barbara Williams, Tiffany Babcock, Kari Bogard, Nevada Caillier, Brigid Morehead, Krista Holmes, April Fleming, Megan White, Paula Miller, Darian Michaud, Linda Braaten and Heather Childs!

Enjoy this incredible experience with amazing oils, awesome people and an outstanding company! If you enrolled or sponsored one of these gals and are fb friends, please add them to our Team Group at www.facebook.com/groups/welloiledteam/


Sharing and Teaching Classes

You can do it!! Congratulations to all of you who have taught a 'solo' class. Your enroller or a friend may have been there but you did most of the teaching. It takes courage, Wild Orange/Spearmint/Balance - take your pick - to step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it's nice to share your experience with the group at the beginning and then go around and have people do a quick introduction of themselves and if/how they use the oils and what they like best or have questions about. It's fun to pass around their favorite oil to the group as they're sharing. This can be an ice-braker, get people involved right away, and settle your nerves. I like to choose my favorite tear-pad information sheet to format the class around and just go through the points on it. It's totally ok to read right from the sheet! Share your passion and experience with the oils and that's all there is to it!



Next Essential Oils Class in Shoreline

When : Sat Feb 20th

Time : 2-4 pm

Where : 14817 Ashworth Ave N

Shoreline, WA 98133