Investigating Food Safety

Food Borne Illness: Hygiene in the Kitchen/Shigellosis

By: Mady Koons

Step One: Food Safety Topic {Shigellosis}

  • Shigellosis: is an infectious disease caused by a group of bacteria called Shigella. Transmitted human to human via poor sanitary habits.

Step Two: Research

Step Three: Interview {Lysa Ellis}

    • Q1: What is the best way to prevent food-borne illnesses?

    • A1: Keeping up on your hygiene is the most important aspect when working with food. It helps to ensure the quality of the food item and keeps customers from complaining or getting sick.

    • Q2: Of all the food borne illnesses, which is the most common?

    • A2: There are a lot of common food borne illnesses, but the most famous is Salmonella.

    • Q3: What precautions do people in the food industry take?

    • A3: We make sure that we wash our hands, especially in a one owner bakery because it's all made by hand, so we want the customers to be happy with it.

    • Q4: Is Salmonella as common as everyone says?

    • A4: I haven't ever seen it, but research shows it is common so I would assume so.

    • Q5: Have you ever had a food borne illness? If so, which one?

    • A5: I have never personally had a food borne illness.

Step Four: Presentation

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Step Five: Self-Evaluation

  • I would give myself a 75/75 because I used class time as effectively as possible. I followed all directions and finished the project quite a few days before it was even due.